Why Your Business Needs A Better Outbound Voice Calling Solution

Businesses live and die by their communications. Outbound voice calling is still one of the most important methods of communication. It’s one of the most profitable in many industries. Though what works, and what will ensure you stay in business and stay on top is changing. Here’s why you may need to upgrade your outbound voice solutions, and the features that can help protect and propel you.

Outbound Voice

Outbound voice still plays a major role in daily business in many industries. It may be your primary tool for lead generation, sales conversions or customer service. While social and other digital methods of communicating and conducting business may have been trending over the past few years, voice can still be an essential medium for connecting, and is often the most profitable and reliable.

This may be via a small in-house team, through remote sales and service teams and independent contractors, or through your outsourced or owned call centers.

In many cases the phone may be resurging as the most effective and valuable tool as other methods of marketing and communicating get saturated, prices rise and regulations change. Does your business have what it needs to remain competitive, stand out and excel in this area?

Outbound Calling: The Need for More Efficiency & Effectiveness

As customer expectations continue to rise and business becomes more competitive, the need for efficiency and effectiveness is only increasing.

With new technology both for profit and not for profit organizations are finding their competition setting new standards and are being able to operate far more efficiently and on better margins than ever before. Those that have this edge are only going to get further and further ahead. Then it just gets harder and harder to catch up. They amass better reviews, can market with better returns, buy the business by tapping longer term customer value, gain more press, can deliver even better service, and build up the resources to accelerate growth, better weather tighter periods and can eat up their competition.

To stay ahead and be one of the winners requires leveraging the best new technology. Voice can be one of the easiest and most affordable areas of operations to get ahead.

What factors should you be looking to improve on and what features can really help?

Automation & Speed

The biggest inefficiencies in outbound voice calling mainly center around speed and connects. Human dialers can only go so fast. The vast majority of dials do not result in connects. This not only wastes your labor budget, but means missing the best and most profitable calls, and burning out teams before getting to the good calls.

Autodialers can do wonders in solving this problem. They can speed through call lists automatically, and connect available phone reps to those who answer, without wasted time. This dramatically increases the amount of potential calls and connects, and ensures your phone agents are fresh and on top of their game to get the optimal results out of each conversation.

When integrated with a good CRM, they will equip your teams with more data to enable them to close sales and provide top class service. It also means better record keeping for monitoring performance and being able to improve on key metrics.

Maximizing Every Dial with Voicemail

Even if you are using an autodialer, and 80% of calls aren’t getting picked up, that can be a huge area of potential or loss.

Expert phone reps shouldn’t be wasting time on voicemails and figuring out what to say. A well scripted automated voicemail dropped in those boxes can really help close the gaps and provide an edge.

Even better, using ringless voicemail drops can be used to turn these numbers into hot inbound voice calls and leads. Imagine if you teams only had to speak to prospects who really wanted to speak to them and already proved they were ready to take action on your offers.

Beyond Voice and Traditional Phone Calls

Today, there is no need to stop innovating and getting ahead at just traditional phone work.

SMS and bulk text messaging is hyper affordable and effective as well. Many of your prospects and customers may far prefer to communicate via text message than voice. May still have to be an option, but it may be timely, well crafted text messages that are the key to generating inbound calls.

Then there is Whatsapp. The latest advances for lead generation, marketing and customer service have begun to cross over to social, but one hybrid medium that may be overlooked is Whatsapp. This app has over 1.5 billion users. Many use it instead of traditional voice and other messaging and file sharing services. You should be able to leverage your customer and prospects preferred mediums like this, and use them to send messages and make video or voice calls as well. Worth noting that Facebook has chosen Whatsapp for integrating its new cryptocurrency Libra. This may provide even more benefits for streamlining sales and collections, by processing payments without taking customers off site or losing them while jumping between sites or communication methods.

Call Quality

Not everyone has 5G yet. Many may not for a very long time. Who gets it and when appears to be a very quirky process. Some high tech cities are complaining 5G transmitter boxes are too ugly. Others may prevent 5G by trying to charge carriers too much.

Some still try to use poor quality VOIP services and Skype. Customers expect high quality voice calls. Poor quality calls are like glitchy and slow loading websites. They are a huge turn off. If you want their business, you had better have reliable and crystal clear calls.


Outbound voice is a huge and pivotal part of business today. It is an area in which organizations can quickly rise or fall. There is a lot of pressure to become more efficient and effective in this area. In addition to some of the more obvious outbound voice calling improvements, there are new ways to communicate and improve customer experience that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Enterprise level companies should do their homework and look for custom APIs and wholesale prices to really make this part of operations something which makes them stand out, while boosting profitability.

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