Workforce Management Software

Are you getting the most out of your workforce? Is you workforce management software, or lack of it stealing your business’ potential?

Is it time to upgrade your business with workforce management software? Or is your business begging to be freed from those prehistoric spreadsheets and brought into the future with a more efficient and profitable approach to managing your resources and opportunities?

Workforce Management

New to workforce management and the latest software and apps to help you management, or just aren’t sure you are getting what you wanted out of your current processes and technology? Or maybe your call center or phone teams just aren’t hitting the performance levels you anticipated.

What is workforce management (WFM)? Why is it so important for you? What software can help?

Workforce management is all about the process, systems and tools to maximize performance levels and competency. It’s more than just basic HR. Today, workforce management encompasses human resource management, field service management, data collection and analytics, budgeting, scheduling and training and performance management.

More specifically, it means:

  • Optimizing scheduling for your workforce
  • Forecasting and meeting demand without waste
  • Dispatching and assigning work
  • Optimizing workflow
  • Providing mobile and cloud solutions to empower teams and executives

Workforce Management Software

Workforce management software can apply to specialized software designed to handle various parts of these processes, as well as holistic solutions which bring together multiple facets of a business.

Key problems good workforce management software aims to tackle include:

  • Scheduling inefficiencies (waste and excessive labor expense)
  • Lack of clarity for executives
  • Poor customer service
  • High staff and customer churn rates
  • Excessive labor expenses
  • Identifying areas where training can be improved
  • Low productivity
  • Employee fatigue and burnout and resulting compliance risks
  • Lack of consistency in revenues and profits
  • Low profit margins
  • Low performance compared to industry benchmarks

Solutions workforce management software can help with:

  • Collecting data for training
  • Pinpointing flaws in current processes
  • Scheduling, and allowing for leave requests
  • Identifying underperformers
  • Calculating marketing returns
  • Creating more profitability
  • Increasing productivity
  • Employee and customer retention

The Importance of Workforce Management Software for Call Centers

WFM software solutions can be especially beneficial for call centers and businesses heavily reliant on voice.

Call Routing

WFM helps to identify optimal processes for advanced call routing. Where should calls be routed, when, and in what order.

Availability & Compliance

Make sure your scheduling of phone agents accounts for remote locations, separate call agent locations and various time zones to provide 24/7 coverage, while ensuring compliance for any outbound voice calling efforts.

Right Staffing

Ensure you have the right staff online, without excess. A new marketing campaign, or seasonal change may require a boost in staffing during certain hours, and vice versa. Ensure the right staff members are on duty at the different levels of your business. For example, front end call takers and makers, as well as strong sales closers and managers to handle complaints.

Recording Data

Collect all of your data from staffing and calls to feed your AI and machine learning, improve scripting, and to facilitate training and retraining, as well as covering compliance.

Identifying Weaknesses

Spot weaknesses in existing systems and dialing processes or CRMs. Identify areas for improvement.

Top Rated WFM Solutions Providers

Existing workforce management software providers include:

  • Zenefits
  • Namely
  • Kronos Workforce Ready
  • BambooHR
  • Run/ADP
  • Paycor
  • UltiPro
  • Ceridian

Criteria for Selecting a Workforce Management Software

Among the criteria to evaluate your next workforce management software by should be the following.


How much does it cost? What are the upfront versus monthly costs, and costs per user or volume as you grow? How does this cost compared to the anticipated value and returns?

Ease of Use

Software remains useless unless it is used. How easy and fast is it to set up, and for your team members to use?


How well will this software integrate with other existing apps and solutions? What about future processes and software you plan to implement? What customization options are there to help?


Will it really provide actionable data, dashboards and tools you can easily decipher and use to make a difference in employee and customer happiness, productivity and profitability?


Is this software right for your business and industry? Was it built specifically for your type of operations? If it is generic, what customizations can be done?

Size & Scale

Is this software suited for the size of your business, and able to scale well and continue to meet your needs as you grow to where you want to go?

Does My Business Need Workforce Management Software?

Does your business need WFM? Regardless of the size of your business or industry, workforce management software can be vital for survival and enabling growth and becoming a leader.

Many small business owners put off best practices and investing in technology, thinking they’ll do it later when they get bigger and are making more money. Of course, that often never happens because they didn’t make those investments early enough on. Then, even if they grow, things are a mess.

As a medium or enterprise sized business, even small savings from these improvements can make the difference of many millions of dollars each year. Anything an organization can do today to avoid negative PR and HR issues can save the brand billions.

So, whether you are fighting for survival, want to spur growth, simply attract better talent, or disrupt an industry, WFM is something you probably can’t afford to skimp on.

This is true whether you are a SaaS startup, or are in collections, healthcare, real estate, finance, or the auto industry.


Workforce management systems are becoming more important than ever. If you don’t have up to date tools and software for managing these parts of your organization, you may already be far further behind the competition and at more of a disadvantage than you realize. This can be especially true if voice and the phone is a key part of your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your business and ensure it is on track to its full potential.

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