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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Are Disapproved

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Are Disapproved

Google has become very strict with the Ads that they approve in order to regulate the quality of the Ads seen by their users. Due to these strict regulations you may find that your Ads are being disapproved more regularly than before. This article will teach you how to avoid the 3 major pitfalls contributing to your Ads’ disapproval.

Why You Should Avoid Ads Being Disapproved

You should note that when an Ad is disapproved the client receives the same email you do when this occurs. If this happens, often the client may lose trust in your abilities to create successful Ads. Repeat offenders could face a suspension of their Google Ads, so be sure to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

A good relationship with your account representative is essential to ensure your queries get a timely response. If you don’t have a representative then consult with Google’s technical team to help you get your Ad approved as well as avoiding disapproval by following the rules to the letter.

Here are some of the most common reasons your Ads may be being disapproved:

Unnecessary Punctuation and Capitalisation

Over punctuating an Ad like it’s a text message is a no-go. Do not use an exclamation mark in your title. You can also only ask one question within an Ad, so only one question mark is required/allowed. Don’t write in all caps or switch from lowercase to capitals – it looks spammy and it is likely to get your ad disapproved.

Using Copyrighted Content in your Ad

Other companies may own the rights to certain words like brand names. Using these in your Ad content will trigger Google to flag your Ad. This may be the case even if you are a legal re-seller of a copyrighted product or service.

If Google finds copyrighted names that do not match your own then the Ad is likely to be disapproved. Be sure you have the right permissions to use all your keywords or the Ad will be for nought. To avoid this, use a synonym where possible.

Exaggerated Ad Statements

Claims that your product is “number one” or “the best” are likely to get your Ad disapproved if it is not backed by a third party. This includes terms often used as click bait like “click here” or calls to action like “visit the shop today.”

Snake oil salesman tactics and language are a red flag to Google. Outlandish claims, as attractive as you think they may be, will get your Ad disapproved. So stick to more general terms like “a trusted service provider” or “loved by our customers.”

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