Using Customizable Workflows Streamlines Your Process

Your sales process is unique to your business, and you need customized workflows that represent the steps available that change depending on actions your sales force takes. If your workflows include step-by-step actions that could result in multiple steps being taken in the future, customized workflows will save your sales force valuable time in managing follow-up activities. Customized workflows use “if … then” logic like “If Action A ends in Result 1, then post Action Z in 5 days time.” The system can post this information anywhere and at any time you designate in the future through a Posting Queue.

Your sales process is as unique to your company as your brand message is. Make sure you track the sales process in its entirety with customized workflows. Track specific steps and their resulting actions through a workflow that is uniquely created for your process. You can create and automate specific follow-up procedures using an “if … then” logical component that lets you set up steps to manage the life cycle of a lead. By creating customized workflows, you create a sales process that unifies your sales force, and makes each step recognizable and achievable. You get all of this capacity in an intuitive design that will automate all of the steps necessary to move a lead through your sales funnel efficiently and effectively.

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