With LeadPath’s online platform, you also get an email service provider that gives you 24/7 access to your email from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Compose, send, read, and reply to emails from your laptop, your desk machine, or your smartphone. LeadPath’s email service provider makes accessing your email quick and easy.

With similar functionality to your email program on your PC or laptop, you have the option to save messages online for future action or you can delete them from your inbox. You can also create customized folders to organize your emails.

When you access email from the LeadPath platform, all your messages are being stored in the cloud and aren’t downloaded to your viewing device. This keeps all emails in a central location and available to you no matter what device you use to check email.

Benefits of Using LeadPath’s Email Service Provider

  • Centralized email location. All of your emails are kept securely in the cloud and are easily accessed any time, anywhere you have an internet connection. Just access one email box by logging onto the LeadPath platform, where all email is kept centralized until you delete it.
  • No technical knowledge needed. If you’ve ever struggled to set up an email address on a smartphone, you might understand the confusion between POP accounts and SMTP servers. With LeadPath’s email service provider, you have one access point for email. There is no need to set up separate email boxes on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Simply log on to the LeadPath platform from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • No updates needed. Because your email is now housed in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about security updates or patches that need to be installed in your email software on all of your devices. LeadPath maintains the security of its online email service provider, providing up-to-date installations and functionality without any necessary work on your part.
  • Unlimited email addresses. Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, LeadPath can supply you with unique email addresses for each employee. Storage space is limited to __________ per mailbox, but additional storage can be purchased.
  • Professional looking addresses. Your employees’ email addresses will reflect your company name or website. No more unprofessional gmail or yahoo email accounts representing your company. Show you best face forward with every email you and your employees send via LeadPath’s email service provider.
  • Safety and security. With LeadPath’s email service provider, you get the safety and security knowing that your email is protected from hackers or others who might use your email to spam others. LeadPath diligently maintains its security measures around the entire platform, email included, to preserve your important online reputation and privacy.
  • 100% uptime. LeadPath’s email service provider is online every time you log in. There is never any down time when you can’t access email. You have the peace of mind knowing that your emails are safe and secure and easily accessible online 24/7. If your laptop dies or your PC crashes or you accidentally drop your smartphone in a lake, you won’t lose any emails with LeadPath’s email service provider.

Everything your current email service provider can do, LeadPath’s email service provider does and more.

Contact us today for a free demo and see how secure your emails and contact information are in the cloud.

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