Campaign management

Start your campaigns and manage them from launch to end. CallPath™ software ensures you know where your prospects are dialing to and from. You also see how well your landing pages convert your visitors to customers. Plus, with tracking, you can determine exactly how to convert them again.

Lead scoring

Lead nurturing is one of our most important features. You will only attract and engage users interested in your business. Our lead scoring process assigns positive or negative scores based on your leads' interests.

Split testing

This is one of the most convenient methods of enhancing campaign conversion rates. Our straightforward testing software compares two different versions of your landing page to see which one attracts more visitors. Then, you can figure out if you need to change your headline, images, text and more.


Our software was designed for you to create workflows that are relevant to your business model. We realize that we all have different methods of working. You can utilize our software to manage member permissions and configure the entire lead nurturing process from beginning to end. You set the tone and format which you find most appealing.

Leadpath is committed to helping you make the most out of your leads and marketing campaigns. We understand that a company without leads is a company out of business. Stop wasting your time on cold and fake leads. Plus, the leads we send you will contain detailed information and much more than just the basics. We help you manage the entire sales cycle so that you can move on to what you do best, increasing profits.

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Free Lead Management Software

At LeadPath, you have access to the platform we use internally. As it continued to work for us, we noticed there weren't other software programs which were both affordable and robust. As a result, we decided to give ours away for free. You no longer have to worry about managing your data cleanly and precisely. Our system has everything you need and want.

What makes LeadPath different?

We offer form builder different from any other. Many contact forms only give the basics such as name, emails and a home address. With LeadPath's contact form, you get more insight about each customer. This includes pages viewed, previous visits, geo-location and more. Our web-based system offers a simple online form builder which allows you to create a form and store your submissions. Each lead you receive contains detailed information you won't get anywhere else for free. Plus, it's intuitive and very user-friendly. In fact, you can get up to 500,000 leads or data records.

Affiliate management

Analyze your data and make modifications to your campaigns based on performance. Isn't that what it's all about? In addition, you can conveniently manage affiliates and partner campaigns with logins. We offer enhanced dynamic workflows and eSign document management. What else can you see? Our management tool includes:

  • Metric counts
  • breakdowns
  • Descriptive analytics

You get to see what is working and what isn't. Moreover, you can run highly-detailed and descriptive reports to convey specific ROI to every client.

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