Integrating With Lead Scoring Software Increases the Value of Leads

If your sales force works with an extensive amount of leads, you need to score those leads so you’re working on the best ones first. The LeadPath system integrates with lead-scoring software so that this process can be run on the front end—before leads are distributed. Your sales force will receive leads that have already been classified and scored, making the best use of their time, which is selling.

All leads are definitely not created equal. Some prospects may be ready to purchase, some may be thinking about it, and others may be at a low level of engagement. Lead scoring software prioritizes each lead to ensure that your data is presented to the sales force in easily identified categories so that they can instantly see where a prospect is in the sales funnel. By automating the lead scoring process, you free up your sales staff to go after the hot leads immediately, while also meeting other leads where they are in the buying process. Lead scoring increases marketing efficiency and decreases costs by providing more effective lead management, higher lead volume, and more closed deals.

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