Deliver Leads Your Way

LeadPath offers a variety of lead delivery methods so that you can take advantage of the best process for your company. Whether you use your leads in-house or you’re a lead seller, you can provide the lead data in several different formats so that the end user can utilize the information quickly and easily.

Types of Lead Delivery

LeadPath can deliver your leads in any of the following methods:

  • HTTP and HTTPS post
  • SOAP
  • Email
  • Batch delivery
  • SMS
  • Ping tree

Control Your Delivery

LeadPath gives you control over when leads are delivered based on your preferences. You select the method of delivery to your sales force, and you can prioritize leads based on variables you set. This makes sure the hot leads get to your sales force quickly for an immediate response.

Customize Your Emails

When you use email delivery, you can customize the email template to ensure your message is being received and that your audience, whether that’s your sales force or your customer, know what leads they’re receiving and how they’ve been prioritized. Make sure your end user understands what these leads are and the next steps needed.

Benefits of Multiple Lead Delivery Methods

  • Delivery leads according to customer preferences. You can select the delivery method that best meets a customer’s preferences and use of the data so that the end user is easily able to work with the data. You can prioritize and sort the leads based on customer variables and provide relevant data that is tailored to the end user.
  • Convenience and security. By delivering data to your end users in the format they prefer, you have the convenience of sending information once without the need for follow-up activities. The data is in the requested format, and the end user will know how to use it. The method you choose will be secure for transmitting data so that you don’t need to worry about the data being corrupted in any way.
  • Reach a wider audience. When you have options on delivery methods, you’re able to appeal to different buyers in the market who may want your leads in certain ways. When you can deliver leads through an end user’s preferred method, you are able to respond to requests from different sources and supply them with the leads in the format they require, making them more likely to purchase leads from you.
  • Offer exclusive or shared leads. Buyers have different needs for leads, and when you control the delivery method, you can determine what leads can be sold for exclusive use and what leads can be shared among your customers. This makes it easier for the end user to budget their marketing costs based on exclusive or shared leads. They can tailor their needs to the type of leads being offered.
  • Deliver leads automatically. Schedule when leads are delivered and automate the distribution process. This saves you time and expenses associated with handling leads before passing them on to your sales force or your customers. You can manage delivery dates and times from LeadPath’s Multiple Lead Delivery Methods dashboard, and make sure that leads are being routed on time and on schedule without having to micro manage each step of the process.

Multiple Lead Delivery Methods give you the flexibility and capability to tailor the delivery of leads to your end users in the method and manner they need them most. When you automate the delivery process, you take the headache out of lead delivery.

Call the experts at LeadPath today to discuss how Multiple Lead Delivery Methods can help streamline your business process.

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