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Web Delivery Solutions

Easy web delivery means you not only get the lead data in a format most useful to you and your sales force, but you get it in real time so that the hottest leads can be worked immediately. You also get easy tracking, which means you know where the leads are in your system and can manage them better at first glance.

LeadPath allows you the flexibility of using a web-based delivery and tracking system that ensures your data is not only safe online, but is created in real-time, allowing you to respond to the hottest leads immediately. Through web delivery, you can automate the process of passing out leads to your sales force so they can manage their sales strategy based on timely information. You can also track where the lead is in the sales pipeline, and measure how effectively your leads are being managed. With the up-to-the-minute information you get in web delivery and tracking, you can reduce the time it takes from lead generation to close, which reduces the effective cost per lead. And the best part is that all functionality is in one central location.