Infographics: Useful Or Confusing To Leads?

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 Infographics: Useful Or Confusing To Leads?

With the amount of time individual has to invest in your site and your content, infographics can be a great alternative to lengthier articles and media.

However, the use of infographics is not always the best option with certain designs, information and different audiences. If used in the wrong way, infographics can scare people off, and hurt your conversion rate.

Make sure that you know when you should and should not use infographics with these tips:

Know Your Audience

Before you even start considering a design for an infographic content piece, make sure that your target audience would appreciate, and make use of the work. If the people you are targeting can’t make sense of it, or find it annoying to read, they will not be a fan of your work or your website, and you will not see conversions. You need to keep in mind who will be reading, and what kind of information they need. If the audience is less familiar with technology, or is looking for more detailed information, an infographic is definitely not the best choice for your site. An infographic works best when targeting more technologically inclined individuals who are looking for short and sweet pieces of information. Know how to address your audience and decide what method of providing information will work best for your business.

The Power Isn’t In The Numbers

With infographics, many people misuse the valuable information they are trying to convey. If your company has beautiful stats that support your business to show off to potential clients, you want to make sure it grabs their attention is an enlightening way. If you have some important number you need the client to see, make sure they stand out. If you are trying to say that 99% of customers approve of your service, keep the 99% written boldly instead of representing the number in a chart. You want to be as clear as possible, and get right to the point with numbers.

No Pie For You

As mentioned, numbers are best when written clearly, but if you must use a graph or chart to show or compare numbers, do avoid pie charts at all costs. Pie charts tend to be way overused in infographics, yet it is unclear why. With such high usage rates, one would think that they are highly successful, but in reality pie charts are confusing, not memorable and not typically deemed as credible. For a more appreciated and useful chart, use a bar graph or chart to show and compare results, and always make sure you cite your information so that you maintain your credible image.

Best In Moderation

When you do decide to make an infographic that you want to be appealing to your potential clients, make sure that you are not going overboard. The most successful infographics grab the attention of the lead with exciting information and designs, yet do not overwhelm or confuse the target. When designing an infographics, make sure you pick a simplistic font and easy to follow design. Keep the color palette attractive, yet muted enough so that you are not making the words less attractive and eye catching. Your infographic should flow and be cohesive in structure and overall message, so by keeping in simple you can achieve your goal.

Have A Point

Like all pieces of content on your company’s site, your infographic needs to have a clear call of action included within it. Infographics that only show random facts that might be enticing to the lead, won’t actually get them to make a purchase or invest in your service. You need to do more than that to achieve sales. Within your infographic, you need a clear them and massage conveying the call to action that outlines your clients next step. This will help the lead understand what to do next, and will help you get the conversions you are looking for.

The results of infographics can be unpredictable, but if used in the right time, place, and matter, your infographics will have a better chance at success.

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