Sixty-Two Percent of SMB Businesses Jump Aboard the Marketing Automation Train

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 Sixty-Two Percent of SMB Businesses Jump Aboard the Marketing Automation Train

Have you and your small or medium-sized business hopped on the marketing automation bandwagon yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

According to a recent study performed by Salesfusion, a marketing automation software seller, about 62 percent of small and medium sized businesses, otherwise known as SMB, are currently using marketing automation software as a part of their digital marketing campaign.

The study was performed with a sample of 700 SMB on the market, and showed that the companies using the marketing automation software have bought it from over 40 different companies.

As the number has been increasing over the last few years, Salesfusion was curious to see why these SMBs were interested in marketing automation software. As a part of the study they asked the 700 SMBs they examined, and based on the results they marketing automation software purchases were lead-driven. Based on the SMBs in the sample, over 68 percent of the companies purchased the marketing automation software with the intentions of improving their lead nurturing efforts.

Another main reason relayed by many of the businesses (62 percent to be exact) for their marketing automation software was to expand the volume of their businesses. The other major reason for many businesses was to improve their base of leads. According to the study by Salesfusion, 59 percent of SMBs were looking to improve the overall quality of their leads to see an improvement in sales.

These small and medium businesses have made the decision to use the marketing automation software to do more on a small budget, and to help enhance the work of the Customer Relationship Management systems they may already have in place. In fact, a major aspect business owners were looking for in their marketing automation software was the ability to work well with the CRM systems they already have in place. And if the marketing automation software did not, the SMB owners were not satisfied with the software. Based on the study, the business owners were twice as likely to be dissatisfied with the marketing service if it was not compatible with their CRM systems.

And for those SMB owners who do not yet have a CRM system set up for their company, the majority are looking for a marketing automation software that can do it all. These folks are looking for a central marketing system that can combine all marketing efforts in one convenient and easy to use place online. Basically, what these SMB business owners want is simplicity. Simplicity in their work, and simplicity in the means of their growing sales.

With the use of optimized marketing automation software that either works with CRM systems, or covers the duties that the CRM system would perform, SMB owners are looking to seamlessly combine marketing and sales efforts. These SMB owners are looking to bridge the gap between their marketing and sales departments with the use of such technology, which is made possible on this small-scale business level. For larger businesses, these efforts are typically much harder to combine, with more work, more leads, and more employees to manage.

The bottom line is that more and more SMB owners are looking to marketing automation software to fill a void in their company. From enhancing their CRM systems, simplifying marketing efforts, or even just optimizing the marketing and sales work the company is already doing, the benefits of marketing automation on the small and medium business level are certainly worth it to the 62 percent of SMB owners.

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