12 Effective Strategies To Increase Your Online Sales

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12 Effective Strategies To Increase Your Online Sales

Worldwide eCommerce sales topped $1.1915 trillion in 2016 and are expected to rise to $4 trillion by the year 2020. Therefore, online stores and businesses are in for a boom time provided they get their strategies right. You’ve probably already started doing optimizing your online sales by selecting a reliable business software that will help you with your sales processes. That’s only the beginning though.

If you are wondering how to boost your online sales, you have come to the right place. In this article we will share effective tips and strategies that will help you make the most of your online presence and enhance your bottom line. Don’t take our word for granted as each business case is unique, but we advise you to at least test each of these strategies to check whether they work for you.

1. Offer a single service or product on the home page

Instead of offering a plethora of products, it is wiser to focus on a limited number of items and bolster them with interesting descriptions. You don’t have to provide a wide range of items that have minimal details. Rather, focus on one item or a group of related items, explain their benefits, and clarify the doubts and questions your visitors may have about them. You don’t need to forget your other items – you can sell them on other pages or use them as follow-up offers.

2. Focus on your opt-in offers to build a larger list of subscribers

Opt-in offers help you get visitors’ email addresses and build a list that you can use to communicate relevant content about your products and build trust to maximize sales. Therefore, it is essential to place your opt-in offers in a prominent place on your website so that they grab the attention of visitors. They can be preceded by a compelling sales letter that showcases your experience, credentials, and positive testimonials from satisfied customers.  You can also place your opt-in offers on all the pages of your website so that visitors get plenty of sign-up opportunities for your marketing content. This can boost the number of subscribers for your mailing list.

3. Use hover ads instead of pop-ups

Pop-ups have been blocked by leading browsers and therefore are no longer effective. The solution is to use hover ads that don’t get blocked. You can use these ads effectively to provide information about your opt-in offers and special promotions, and they will appear right before your website visitors. Tests reveals that hover ads can significantly improve your subscription numbers. These ads are more effective compared to placing links on your website’s home page.

4. Use your headline to showcase benefits

Your headline can have a big impact on sales. Your visitors see it first, therefore it must be compelling and attractive so that they are encouraged to read more.  A good headline highlights a problem faced by your target readers and stresses on how your service or product can solve it. It should portray the major advantage of your product and how it can help buyers.

5. Use your copy to highlight a problem and how to solve it

Your copy on the home page should expand on the problem mentioned in your headline. Detail the problem to show your readers that you can relate to it and their needs. This will tell your audience that you understand their issues and can confidently resolve them. Then, explain how your service or product can act as a viable solution to the problem. You can show exactly how your service or product can resolve the issue to gain your readers’ confidence and motivate them to purchase.

6. Make your copy credible

This will enhance your readers’ trust in your company and product. Credible copy can be crafted by featuring positive customer testimonials and reviews on your website. Showcase genuine letters and emails from your customers who express how your service or product helped to resolve a particular problem. A testimonial that explains how your service or product helped the user is sure to be more effective compared to one that simply states that it is a great product.

Another way to add credibility is by explaining how your experience, credentials, and other qualifications make you the best person to resolve your readers’ issue. This will tell them that you are the right person for the task.

7. Focus on the reader

Your copy should focus on the website visitors and not yourself. Craft it smartly and replace words such as “I,” “we,” and “me” with “you” and “your needs”. Instead of saying “Our software is designed to help the small business owner,” you can state, “You can use our time-management solution to free valuable time that you can use for important tasks”.

8. Make the copy urgent and encourage readers to purchase now

Your copy should be crafted to instill urgency and compel visitors to purchase immediately. The best way to perform this is by including this just above the call to action. You can create urgency by offering discounts and free bonuses that are valid only for a limited time period. Plus, you can also try offering just a limited amount of your services or products as well as a limited amount bonus.

9. Do not mention sales at the start of the copy

Your copy should not start with references to sales and buying. Rather, as mentioned above, focus on a problem faced by the reader and how you can resolve it. This will hook the visitors and once they are interested you can start your sales pitch. Therefore, remove words such as “sale,” “cost,” and “purchase” from the top of the page. First, kindle the readers’ interest in your service or product, then make them trust you, before embarking on the sales talk.

10. Add images to make your product more attractive

Images can make your products more attractive and desirable. They will make them look more real and tangible to viewers and therefore are a strong sales feature. But do not reveal the image too early on the page. First, mention the benefits of the product to arouse interest and then reveal the detailed image. You can try placing images close to the call to action and on your order page.

11. Attract scanners and encourage them to read more

Most website visitors simply scan a page and read only the headlines. You can grab their attention by altering the appearance and formatting of your text. This can be done by using highlighting, italics, and bold to emphasize important aspects of your products and offers. Vary the length of the paragraphs so that the text does not seem like a uniformly formatted block. Add sub-headings to highlight key points and encourage viewers to read the information below. Use bullet lists to emphasize important points.

12. Follow up with your leads

You should follow up effectively both with leads who haven’t yet purchased as well as with customers who have bought your product. Use automated emails to maintain contact with leads and restate your offers to provide fresh information. You can also follow up with previous customers and give them the chance to make repeat purchases. Thus, you can build long-term profitable relationships with your most valuable customers.


We hope this article has helped you gain useful information on how to boost your online sales. Keep abreast of thelatest trends in the eCommerce industry and craft your marketing strategy accordingly. If you employ other effective online sales strategies, feel free to share the details with us.
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