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Your Cheat Sheet for the Perfectly Devised Marketing Email
Email marketing isn’t rocket science, but sometimes finding the perfect combination of content, personal input, and marketing tactics can be a tough formula. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a guide to help you write the perfect email for marketing? While there may not be an exact scienc...
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Are Your Marketing Emails Too Personal?
Email marketing has come a long way. From automated emails with no personalization, to including individuals’ first names and acknowledging their birthday with special ecards, the email marketing game has changed immensely over the years. While adding a touch of personalization can be a warm a...
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Just Because Your Business is 'Boring' Doesn't Mean Your Content Must Be
Frankly, we are all getting sick of hearing such nonsense that insists that only the companies selling shiny new objects can be successful. If there is a need for your products and services, you’ll be able to sell it with the right marketing methods. But boring content is not one of them. Whil...
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4 Things You Didn't Know Marketing Automation Software Can Do
No matter the size of your business, marketing automation has made its way into all kinds of companies. If you have yet to get on board with marketing automation, it may just be the time to do so, before your competitors run you out of the market. Surely, you have heard of the great things marketing...
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5 Effortless Lead Generation Hacks to Build Your Base
The mere idea of finding ways to generate new leads can make business owners cringe. Lead generation can be hard, time-consuming, and ultimately a waste of time if not done correctly. And frankly, there are many ways to fail at lead generation. So instead of putting in the time and effort to try a r...
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