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CrowdReviews.com Opens Gates For Reviews of Marketing Automation Software From Business Owners
Hey business owners, you can now have a voice online to share your opinions about marketing software. Hey marketing software companies, you can now work to improve your programs and standards with the help of honest and detailed feedback from your users. Hey seekers of marketing automation softwar...
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Tips To Help You Pick The Best Digital Marketing Analytics Software
To move forward, you need a solid look at where you’re at and where you’ve started. In digital marketing, this translates into having the data to understand how well your business is performing, so you can find ways to improve and study the changes. The best way to find and look at such...
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Value Shoots Up For Marketing Startup Sprinklr
Sprinklr, a social media marketing startup has grown immensely over the past year. While the company is relatively new, and has some major competition in the field, they have somehow managed to come into a lot of money; $1.8 billion to be exact. As of last week, the company was reported to be worth...
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Notes from Business Insider’s Interview Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff
Everyone knows Salesforce: the company that brought CRM systems to an art form, that raised the expectations of marketing for small business owners, that changed the marketing game for marketers. But how well does the average individual know the face behind the company? Do you even know the name Mar...
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