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Amazon Encourages Safe Sex Through E-Commerce Availability
You can find basically everything you need online nowadays. Clothing, streaming music, live concerts, instant video, groceries, the list of items and applications to purchase online is never-ending. Well, it’s time to add another one to the list with the addition of condoms being sold on Amazo...
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Gmail Gif Prank Gone Wrong

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Gmail Gif Prank Gone Wrong
Ah April Fool’s Day. A day where the pranksters of the world gather to test their proudest efforts of fooling their friends and pissing off everyone they know. While all your funny friends are taking part in the holiday’s festivities, Google tried to take a whack at it this year. And spo...
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Solar Software : Here to Change the World If You Give It a Chance
Solar Polar; it’s not just used to heat places through the conduction of sunlight. It is much, much more nowadays. Solar technology is on the rise, and the science behind it is brilliant. For a dominant source of heat, electricity, and an alternative to using fuel, solar power is on its way to...
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Lugg, the new moving app here to save the day
No longer are the days where you have to beg your friends to help you move to your new place, or request a delivery from a pricey service when you purchase new furniture. Now, we can rest easy knowing that the new Lugg app is available to help us. Lugg, a new on-demand app, has been designed to solv...
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Why Your Landing Pages Convert Like Crap
Try as you might, your landing pages just aren’t pulling in the conversions they should be. From design and layout to copy, you may think you’re doing it right but there is still room for mistakes. Check out these mistakes that might be spoiling your landing page results: Your connecti...
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