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How Social Media Substitutes Email Marketing
How the Gurus Mastered Email Before the Days of Social MediaWhat's hard to understand regarding email marketing is that someone or some people developed it. Doing that is no different from what people are doing with social media. There's a notable learning curve that every generation must overcome t...
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How Clean Data Effects Your Email Campaign
If you’re putting together an email campaign to help your business grow, chances are you’ve heard the term email verification. But what is it? And why does it matter? Let us explain.What is Email Verification?Email verification is quite simply the verification of email addresses. But, wh...
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Lead Tracking - Why Do You Need It

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Lead Tracking - Why Do You Need It
Lead tracking refers to the process of determining the source of leads, actively making an effort to monitor the position of the leads in the marketing front, implementing the necessary steps and frame to push the next stage and finally seal the deal. A lot of businesses are today striving to gain e...
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The Best Lead Management Systems

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The Best Lead Management Systems
LeadPathUsing LeadPath has multiple benefits, from it’s very user friendly UI to the fact that it’s completely free. There are no upsells or requirements, it’s one of few free software platforms in the marketing automation sector. The only catch is if you are a big player and gen...
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