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4 New Trends in Social Media Marketing

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4 New Trends in Social Media Marketing

We all know that what was cool and trendy yesterday is already out the door today. Social media trends can change in an instant, so to keep your social media marketing campaign up to par, you’re going to have to stay on board with the new trends.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you catch up and stay on trend with the latest social media techniques to help you with your social media marketing campaign.

Make your media mobile-friendly

With the number of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices in circulation today, a large amount of internet searching and social media use is done in the palm of one’s hand. So why are your marketing tactics not transformable to fit this type of outlet? Too many times, you’ll see businesses try and fail by adding Facebook advertisements that can’t be viewed correctly on mobile devices, or have links to landing pages that don’t appear properly on a smartphone. These are sloppy mistakes that every company needs to fix to stay alive on social media. Keeping up with the modern technology is the first step, then making steps forward in new trends is next.

Create an app

If you want to stay on top of the game, then you have to keep up with the major trends that businesses are taking part in. The newest trend is creating personal applications to help use a business’s site and services. These apps can help customers keep in touch, troubleshoot issues, or even simply add more excitement to the business by adding galleries of photographs and other neat features. If you want to shock your customers and keep on the radar during this technological age, an application will be a fun and creative way to take your social media marketing to the next level.

Take your work live

Videos have often proven to be popular on social media, but just wait until you see the newest update to these clips. Now, through applications and sites like Periscope, videos can be made live to broadcast to your viewers. This neat way helps to create direct connections with your leads, and helps engage more through the live videos. These clips can still function like old videos, and can be saved, shared, and re-watched. But with the exciting option to watch live and open up direct communication channels, these clips change the game of video on social media.

Own your platforms

While there are so many social media outlets, the odds of conquering them all are slim to none. Instead, your best bet is to pick your 3-4 strongest outlets and focus on these. Most likely, these outlets are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe even Instagram. By focusing on these popular outlets, you will spend your time in a positive manner, working toward a productive social media campaign. If you currently only focus on one or two sites, that is okay, but if you want to expand your base, you may have to expand your social media marketing campaign across more outlets. Then focus on conquering these major ones, and forget about the rest for now.

These new trends are quickly catching on in the social media marketing game, so be sure you catch your business up. Social media is all about new trends and ideas, so keep up and add some creativity to your social media marketing campaign to help your business succeed.

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