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4 Things You Didn't Know Marketing Automation Software Can Do

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4 Things You Didn't Know Marketing Automation Software Can Do

No matter the size of your business, marketing automation has made its way into all kinds of companies. If you have yet to get on board with marketing automation, it may just be the time to do so, before your competitors run you out of the market.

Surely, you have heard of the great things marketing automation software is known for, like automating specific tasks to help organize and simplify the marketing systems of companies. But now, it can do so much more than just that.


It can monitor social media use and customer’s satisfaction.

Your customers certainly use social media. In fact, that may be the way you were able to find many of your customers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick and easy way to track your customers on social media, and ensure that they are happy with your service? Otherwise, who knows what they could be saying that could be detrimental to your business. Now you can keep track of it with marketing automation, which can track negative comments about your business, and ensure that your company is aware of these comments so that you can reach out to the customer and fix their problems. Through this, your business can take customers service, and customer satisfaction, to a whole new level.

It can help you test your emails.

You send out countless emails to your leads but, do you always see the results you want? Don’t you wish there was a way to try out different emails and see what tactics work the best? Now, with marketing automation, you actually can. Marketing automation software allows you to test your emails. It can help you determine the best way to write them to gain your leads’ attention, and help you avoid landing in the trash along with SPAM emails. This software can help you compare your emails to SPAM emails, so that you can work to improve them and avoid the same destiny.

It can identify and log the visitors of your website.

With your site, it would be nice to know when people are online, so that you can help give them the best customer service, and be attentive to their needs. This can also help you track what they’re looking at and see what is working and what isn’t gaining a customer’s attention on your site. With marketing automation software, you can now track your customers and see who is on your site and what they are looking at. This may seem intrusive, but it actually just helps you be a better business for customer satisfaction. Now you can see who your customers are and what they are looking for, so you can work to improve your site to their satisfaction.

It can employ progressive profiling to track leads.

Sometimes, when leads are given the choice to fill out a long form to enter your site, they opt out. These long forms can scare off your leads and prevent them from giving you any information about themselves, which can seriously hurt the lead nurturing process. Instead, you can use progressive profiling with your marketing automation to ensure that your leads are given the shortest possible forms by taking the information you already have from them. Here you can give them a variety of different forms based on the information you still need, to ensure that they are won over with the shortest and least intrusive forms to get their information. Thanks marketing automation!

These are just a few perks of all the good things marketing automation can do. Perhaps it is time you invested in the software, for the good of your company.

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