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5 Effortless Lead Generation Hacks to Build Your Base

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5 Effortless Lead Generation Hacks to Build Your Base

The mere idea of finding ways to generate new leads can make business owners cringe. Lead generation can be hard, time-consuming, and ultimately a waste of time if not done correctly. And frankly, there are many ways to fail at lead generation. So instead of putting in the time and effort to try a risky lead generation tactic, why not try a safe route.

Here are 5 effortless lead generation hacks to help you build your base that are sure to help.

Use a pop-up form.

Yes, these pop-up can be annoying, but they can actually be an easy and effective way to generate leads. By having a pop-up to greet your site’s visitors, you can get their information up front and have a way to contact them, regardless if they make a purchase upon their first visit. This can also be helpful to the visitors, because then they can stay updated with deals and promotions of your site, products, and services, and can easily sign up to receive this information. This will also help you weed out uninterested visitors who will not want to fill out the form. In the making of your pop-up, just make sure to include a clear exit out of the form, otherwise it may appear to be too aggressive to potential leads.


Make sure your call to action is linked to a direct landing page.

On your sites, or social media advertisements and posts, make sure to include a link that leads directly to the landing page that will promote your call to action. If the call to action is to fill out a form to receive emails, link it directly to the form, or if it is to check out your sales, link it directly to the products or services that are featured in your sale. By directly linking it, you will cut down on time, and make the process easier for your potential clients. And the more convenient you make the process for the customer, the more leads, and sales, you will receive in the end.


Display your site’s credibility.

Unfortunately, there are many websites that are just trying to scam leads and get their information and money. These websites make a bad name for internet services, but by proving your credibility you can prove your worth and gain the trust and respect of your clientele. When creating your pages, ensure that they are completely honest, and made to be secure, and then display your credibility and security labels clearly to your potential leads.


Send “Thank You” notes to leads and buyers.

When leads fill out forms on your site, it is nice to welcome them by sending a thank you email, to show that you appreciate them. The same goes for returning shoppers. By showing your appreciation, and sending them a thank you email, or even going one step further by including a discount to apply on their next purchase, you will keep your clients happy and coming back for more.


Ask clients for feedback and testimonials.

As for your loyal customers, you can use them to help you gain a larger client base. With customers who have used your services or bought your products, you can ask them to write reviews and give feedback of your service, which can be used to help you gain the attention of future leads. With quality reviews from real customers, you can help prove your credibility. If you do happen to get a poor review, this can help you find the flaws in your business, so you can work to improve them, which can be a good thing as well.

With these easy ways to generate leads, you can help reach a larger clientele with minimal effort.


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