5 Major Flaws That Are Ruining Your Landing Pages

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5 Major Flaws That Are Ruining Your Landing Pages

If you own an online business and you can’t build a good landing page, your business won’t succeed. Period. No conversions means no leads, which means no customers, and ultimately that will likely leave you with… No revenue.

So to avoid losing leads due to the quality of your landing page, change these major flaws that are occurring in your landing pages.

You’re demanding way too much information from your leads

Asking an arm and a leg of possible clients on your landing page will instantly decrease the number of leads you capture. Time is of the essence, and no one wants to waste theirs entering useless personal information into your site’s database. This could explain why so many people are immediately exiting your out of your site. Try to stick to a simple form that requires only basic information like the lead’s name and email address. Then cut out any unnecessary information that the lead will not want to take the time filling out. This will help to increase the number of leads who visit your site.

You do not update the information on your landing pages

Not updating your site is like landing page suicide; you’re done for after your leads see this. The landing pages that you have created for your site may be aesthetically pleasing, but if your leads look at your information to find old dates and outdated information, then you are significantly hurting yourself. Double-check your site to see if there is any information that needs to be added or deleted from your site. Make sure that you have the newest research and reviews on your landing pages, so that your site doesn’t seem out of touch and obsolete.

You have no clear call to action defined in your landing page

If your landing page is not giving clear directions to navigate the site, your leads will be lost within your site and will probably give up out of frustration. Anytime your potential customers feel frustrated with your site that is a major mistake made on your end. Give your leads clear directions to follow and walk them through the process. Likewise, if your site has no clear call to action representing what your potential clients should be doing, then what are you achieving? The answer is NOTHING. You many get some traffic on your site but if you’re not getting more customers and business from your site, then your landing pages are failing. Make sure the lead understands how to navigate the site and that the call to action is clearly defined.

You overwhelm your clients with too much text

Did you just hear a yawn? Yep, that’s the sound of you losing another lead. When you overload your landing pages with text, you’re basically inviting customers to click that dreaded little red box with the “X” in the corner of their screens. Even if you have a page filled with some genuinely helpful information that your prospective clients should know, this is not the time or place to share this much text. To optimize your landing pages, keep your pages neat and your text to a minimum. Starting off with lots of text can be overwhelming, so just state the main points and give them the information they will need at a later time, or in a different spot on your website.

Your landing page does not seem trustworthy

Clients need to know that your business is credible and that you will follow through to fulfill their needs. Therefore, your site needs to display your business’s credentials. By showing off your accomplishments and endorsements, you will give your leads incentive to stay on your site and see what you have to offer. If you have reviews from former customers, these should be available on the site as well. This will increase leads’ trust in understands how to navigate the site and that the call to action is clearly defined.

Creating an optimized landing page can be tricky, but if you can fix these mistakes, your site will finally have a chance to be successful.


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