5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Landing Pages

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5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Landing Pages

Creating landing pages that can attract, and keep the attention of your leads can be a tricky deal. A successful landing page can be tricky to build, but there are a few red flags that may be easily avoided. Make sure you’re not making theses major mistakes on your landing pages.

Your links don’t go to the correct site.

Failing URLs and misdirecting links are easily some of the worst flaws you can have on your landing pages that will throw off your clients. If you have faulty links for your landing pages, your site will look super sloppy and your leads will not be impressed. Before publishing your links on other pages and social media posts, make sure they are linked correctly and will direct your leads to the right spot. Any confusion will only hinder your sales.

Your pages lack creativity and color.

With boring landing pages, you’re not doing your company any good. A lame landing page can only be described in one way: forgettable. Forgettable is not going to get you the sales you want. To stand out, you’re going to have to upgrade your pages. The design, colors, and content will require quite a bit of effort, and your attention and passion for your work is required. Your leads can tell when you are working hard to impress them, and with quality landing pages that catch the eye, you may just catch a few customers along with it.

Your page takes ages to load.

When working to create exciting and catchy landing pages, there are a few concerns to keep in mind. While videos, gifs, and cool updates can draw attention to your site, you need to make sure you update the technology and make sure it is compatible with everyone’s computers and mobile devices. Likewise, it’s important to take caution and use these widgets in moderation. While they can certainly add some excitement to your site, they may also add loading time for your customers as they enter your site. Don’t keep them waiting too long. This can be an easy way to kill your sales. Keep that in mind next time you try to load up on cool additions.

You overwhelm your leads with too much information.

A common problem with many landing pages in circulation is that they take the wrong approach when trying to reach out to their leads. Instead of including every little detail about your company and the great deals and offers that you showcase, it’s much better to keep your pages simple as to not overwhelm your lead. When too much information is loaded up on one page, the eye does not know where to focus, and you could be diluting your page with useless information. Instead, keep your pages concise and simple.

You don’t have a clear call to action for your leads to follow.

As you work to keep your pages short and sweet, make sure you include a focus to direct your leads. A clear and prompt call to action must be included in every successful landing page. This will give your leads some direction to follow to help convert them, and ultimately, help boost your sales. Without a clear call to action, there is nothing to motivate your clients. Your page is a complete failure without this focus.

It’s not too late to fix these mistakes on your landing pages. A few simple changes can make a big impact, and can help you bring your pages back to life. Your online business may just depend on it.

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