6 Examples Of Customer Service That Go Above And Beyond

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6 Examples Of Customer Service That Go Above And Beyond

As a business, the most important thing you need to do is get sales. In order to get sales and keep sales up, you need to keep customers happy.

Customer service is a key part of good business, and these companies are on top of it. Check out these cases of great customer service that helped these companies maintain their image and their clients.


After a customer’s package was lost in the mail by the US Postal Service, Amazon refunded the man with a $25 gift card to cover the cost of the purchase. While Amazon was not actually at fault in this case, the way they stepped in quickly help the customer showed their ability to act quickly and do whatever is needed to make sure the customer is happy. The entire exchange between thecustomer and the associate went viral online, and has certainly aided Amazon’s public relations campaign

JetBlue Airways

On several occasions, JetBlue has been known to surprise customers with extraordinary customer service. JetBlue has a strong social media management system, and often responds to customers quickly and effectively. Some cases of this have been fixing problems with flight delays, or even finding a seat on a different flight for customers, all through exchanges on twitter. Their reliability and quick responses online helps customers feel like JetBlue cares about their needs and is willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

B. Dalton Bookseller

When a young mother was trying to find a book that her son wanted for Christmas, she was having a hard time finding the book on the shelves. The store’s inventory said that is was packed, but when searching for it the mother could not find it, even after getting help in the search by employees. While the woman though this would be the ends of it, the employee of B. Dalton called Border to see if they had the book it stock. They reserved the book for the young mom and eve printed out directions to get to the store. While calling the competition to get the product for the customer is a risky strategy, it ultimately impressed the customer and the others whom she shared the story with. By going above and beyond to make sure the customer’s needs were fulfilled, B. Dalton (now a part of Barnes and Noble) earned the lifelong business of that customer and many more.


After the iPad 2 came out, a man bought one online and had it shipped to his house. Soon after, the man sent the item back. While most would assume that such a quick turnaround would be due to a broken or malfunctioning item delivered to the man, this was not the case. The man simply returned the item with a humorous note on the box that said, “Wife said no.” His wit bought him some respect within Apple and a free iPad, after Apple refunded his money, but also resent the item to the ma with a note saying, “Apple said yes.” This story went viral on social media, and ultimately impressed Apple fans, and the skeptic wife.


After a customer’s mother underwent some medical treatment that left her with pain and an odd numbing sensation in her feet, she was on the hunt for shoes that her mother could comfortably wear. The woman went to Zappos and ordered multiple pairs of shoes, hoping that at least one of the pairs would be useful to her mother. Unfortunately, none of the shoes suited her mother’s condition, and upon receiving the shoes from her daughter, she called Zappos to see what she could do to return them. After explaining her need to return Zappos gracefully accepted the returns. Days later, the mother opened her door to find a large bouquet of flowers delivered from Zappos, sending their condolences and wishing her luck with her treatments. To add to it, the customer’s family members were all upgraded to Zappos VIP Members. Zappos did much more than expected and they are known for additional stories matching this level of customer service.


This story from across the pond is still a highly relevant example of how businesses should listen to their clients. After the supermarket received a letter from a 3 year old customer (with the help of her parents), the store took the advice of the girl and responded in a remarkable way. The letter suggested they change the name of their famous “tiger bread” to “giraffe bread” because that’s what the crust of the bread actually looked like. Sainsbury’s responded to the letter by changing the name of the bread, and sending a sincerely written letter back to the girl along with a gift card for the store. The store even went as far as explain the change of the name in their store and on social media, including an entire article on their website. This level of customer service shows that the company listens to customers and is willing to make changes to keep them happy, which is the best reputation a brand can display to their clients.

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