6 Instant Fixes That Will Immediately Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

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6 Instant Fixes That Will Immediately Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing pages are the first thing people will see when they go to your site after clicking on a link or advertisement for your brand. Therefore, the first impression you make must be an amazing one.

With these landing page tips, you can bring your landing pages from competent to outstanding, with these easy fixes that will drive sales:

Improve Your Headlines With Colorful Words

With a quick switch of your word choice, you can instantly entice more potential clients to the content on your site. The header you currently have may suffice, but that’s not good enough. You want to grab the attention of readers with an excelling and exciting headline. Make sure your headlines attract readers with quality and exciting words and phrases. With this easy change, you’ll get more people to extend their time on your site, which will help your conversion rate.

Get Rid Of Excess Junk

When a potential lead visits your site, they’re not going to be enthused by the overwhelming amount of content that greets them. Cut out all the extra clutter on your site, so that prospects do not have to search through an abundance of information to find what they are seeking. By cleaning out your landing pages, you will make it easier for clients to navigate your site and find what they need, which is the goal of your landing page.

Replace Inadequate Images

Misleading, or poor quality pictures on your landing pages will cause your site to appear outdated, sloppy, and cheap. Take the time to find higher quality images and your business’s appearance will improve and welcome more customers. If you are not a photographer, you can still find great images online for purchase. While some of these images can require payment, it is a small price to pay to improve your site and receive more sales. Investing in better photographs will bring about more confidence in your site, and more sales as a result.

Cut Down on Exits

If you have lots of links, videos, and content on your site, you may be distracting the leads and leading them away from your site. You need to reduce the number of items on your site that guide leads away from your site. You want to make sure the call of action is clear, and that they are focused on your brand, so anytime you have ads for another company or links for another page or site, you are basically encouraging them to leave your site and forget your content.

Strike A Deal

While you may not always be able to create a special deal for your products or services, this is a great way to attract customers if you have the means. By offering a special online deal for visitors on your landing pages, you’re seducing the lead into making a purchase. If you can update this special to offer a variety of deals to first time customers, and returning customers, you will definitely see sales. Often times, people will make an impulse purchase simply from thinking that they are receiving the goods or services at a discounted price, so an attractive deal featured on your landing page will force their hand so that they will take you up on the offer.

Simplify The Conversion Process

So you are finally driving leads to make a purchase, but the time and effort required of the customer is making them second-guess their decision. To keep your potential clients on track and keep customers returning to your site to make a purchase, you’ve got to make sure the process is simple, direct, and not confusing whatsoever. If people are forced to fill out loads of information and take an unnecessary amount of time, they will give up before the sale goes through. Why do all the work to get them there, if you can’t even get them to follow through? Make this process short and sweet and your conversion rate will increase, along with your list of returning clients.

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