6 Secrets of Successful Copywriters

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6 Secrets of Successful Copywriters

Your writing and grammar skills may be up to par, but to succeed as a copywriter, there are a few extra secrets that could help you improve…

Read your heart out

Part of being a good writer is being a dedicated reader. Instead of just focusing on creating your own content, check out your competitor’s work and other well written pieces of content. This will help you get a taste of what works and what doesn’t and see what kind of writing techniques you can use to better your own writing. Even when you want to take your mind off work, read a good book; it will keep your vocabulary skills sharp and it is a subtle way to help you improve your writing.

Good research makes for a good article

Before you even write one word of content, your first step should be researching the topic. While you may be knowledgeable about a topic, it never hurts to see some other sides and opinions of the matter, or to dig a little deeper to expand your knowledge of the area. If you are writing about a new topic or a topic that may be tricky for people to understand, the first step is making sure that you have a complete understanding of the matter before you try to explain it to someone else. You can’t fabricate your way through a tricky subject with pretty words- you’ll need some real knowledge and research to back it up.

Prove it (your merit) or lose it (your credibility)

After doing all of this research, it doesn’t hurt to try to incorporate what you can into your content. While too many links and pictures can distract from the content, it can be helpful to include facts or statistics with direct links when discussing deep topics, as it will add credibility to your writing and to the site. People will not always trust what you have to say, so by proving yourself with facts and research, you’ll win over their respect and trust.

Headliners come first, but not always written in that order

The headline might be the first part a reader sees, and the thing that draws in an audience, but it might not be the first thing you want to write. It can be helpful to form a tentative headline before diving in to write the rest of the content, but odds are you will find a way to improve your title after the piece is finished. This method of fixing your headline last can help you to create the most accurate headline to match your writing.

Editing is just as important as writing

You can write a lyrical piece of content, but with one little error the success of your work may be instantly halted. Avoid the embarrassing errors by checking your work thoroughly. Instead of relying on programs with autocorrect and spellcheck, be your own editor and read through your work. Take the time to do this with each and every piece of content, no matter how short or unimportant it may seem. One little error can take your credibility and reputation down a few notches.

Be relatable

One of the most common mistakes found in copywriting is the inability of a writer to connect to their audience. Instead of using confusing lingo and technical terms, make sure you write using language that your readers can easily understand. While you’re at it, take down the tone of your writing a few notches. Instead of being extremely formal, write in a manner that sounds like you’re simply talking to your readers. Using words like “you” and “we” to connect yourself with the reader can certainly help to spike their attention and keep it. While your writing should always be clean and crisp, it should be written in a relatable manner so that your words get through to your intended audience.

With these copywriting “secrets” you can improve your writing and increase your readership, with just a few minor improvements.

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