6 Tips to Amp Up Your Landing Pages for the Holidays

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6 Tips to Amp Up Your Landing Pages for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to get in the holiday spirit and spruce up your site with some fun designs, themed copy, and more to attract more viewers. With these tips you can create fun landing pages for the holidays that can help your business attract more customers and see the holiday influx that you are hoping for!

Show your holiday spirit

Even if your business is considered to be dry and dull, you can spice up your landing pages with the colors of the holidays at this time of year. Red and Green can add some Christmas delight, but feel free to add more to be inclusive of all holidays. The color choice and holidays to promote are up to you, just be festive. Add some clip art or holiday themed photos to spice it up. Have fun with it, but make sure the site is still easily navigated and not too cluttered.

Act on the time of the holiday period

As for page headers, social media posts, and search engine links, make your text stand out by mentioning the timeliness of the holiday and the relevance of your business. For example, if you are selling products that could act as gifts for a Christmas present, remind your leads that the days left until the holiday are dwindling down and that they need to act fast. Include this call to action and it will help you get the clicks, and the sales, that you are aiming for.

Add helpful and relevant blogs

During the holiday season when people are stressing about shopping for gifts and getting through the holiday it can be helpful to add some blog and articles that can guide your customers through the process. You can include some helpful tips of what to get for gifts, and show some insight of what the “hot” gifts are this year. These are helpful and popular blogs that can help get your sight some extra attention at this time of the year.

Display a deal

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your competitors have thrown out their best deals to win over the clientele. But even with the holidays fast approaching, it is not too late to throw out a new deal. There are still plenty of procrastinators out there who have yet to start their holiday shopping, and your deals might just make your site a must-stop destination for online shopping. Consider the possible deals you could offer and act quickly before the holidays. But the deals don’t have to stop there. With gift cards, returns and unfulfilled wishes, after-holiday specials can still be beneficial to your business.

Make it mobile-friendly

When offering holiday deals and special offers, making mobile-friendly pages becomes even more important than usual. When shoppers are out looking for deals, they will often look online on mobile devices to compare. If they can easily find your site, and see the deals you are offering, you will be able to beat out the competition, even if they are already in line at the department store! Mobile-shopping is a huge component of online shopping nowadays, so make sure to take advantage of this angle.

Link up to social media

On your landing pages, it is helpful to add links to social media to help connect with your clients. But to take advantage of the advertising opportunity, you can offer special deals to customers who mention your company or products on social media, or even make a contest of it. This can help you advertise and gain a larger audience, and it can easily be incorporated through direct links on your landing pages.

With these little changes, you can amplify your work and create optimized landing pages to work in your favor this holiday season.

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