6 Ways to Future Proof Your SEO for 2018

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6 Ways to Future Proof Your SEO for 2018

It is no secret that if you do not keep up with the latest and best SEO methods, you will be lost in the rubble of 2017 and those before.

With the New Year presenting itself with halfhearted promises, us digital marketing folks find ourselves seeking real truths. It is getting difficult with each passing day for those who seek shortcuts, while it is getting easier to the ones who put in the effort to stand out amongst a sea of sloppy SEO webpage carcasses.

Are you willing to put in the work and be the latest and greatest of 2018? Follow this definitive pathway to 2018’s best SEO Tips:

1. Get onboard the voice search and digital assistant train

The future is here and conspiracy theorists have more reasons than ever to be alarmed. In order to get on with the times, you must address what is lacking and incorporate it as soon as possible. Have you seen those sci-fi-like smart home hubs?

Voice search and digital assistants are here to stay and are beginning to replace conventional search methods.

You do not have to type:

Alexa, show me how I can burn my stepdad’s toupee?

No, instead, Amazon Echo and other top voice search and digital assistant hubswill take care of it in convincing fashion.

Improving accuracy and promising future potential now that Natural Language Processing is a core presence of it, SEO sees this as a necessity, not a bonus. 

2. Metatags roided to the gills – the efficient way

Updating Meta data might seem complex to you. If your site is built using WordPress look for the Yoast plugin. Your SEO company may have already installed it. The basic features are free to use. This metatag feeding beast will help out in massive ways as you go about your SEO adventures.

As far as metatags are concerned, there a couple interesting things which cannot be ignored and are non-negotiable:

·         Construct a keyword enriched title

·         SEO index loving keyword infused descriptions

·         Easy to follow descriptions to boost CTRs

·         Make good use of the character limit set by Google

·         Read organically and not feel too cheap and salesman-y

Well, you have to do the copy, of course. You can get ideas from AdWords search ads and other PPC ad copies. Soon afterwards, you will be enjoying the deserving results.

3. Slurp those ideal SERP features

First off, in today’s world we need to know all about SERP and then some! When was the last time you checked the strength of your knowledge packs, local packs, snippets and all those SERP extravaganzas?

Truth is, it is all giving organic results a run for their money.

Are you even paying attention to what you searched for or finding yourself enamored by the SERP presentations?

A true SEO warrior is constantly vigilant:

1.      Track the rankings within what SERP brings to the table

2.      Monitor how effective your keywords are

3.      Monitor your keyword lacking zone where you are bleeding traffic left and right

4. A true content wordsmith

There are no two ways about it. If:

Content is king then are you being its loyal servant?

You are probably causing a few let downs when it comes to the copy area of things.

However, like with all setbacks, there is a way out of this with sufficient torque.

No formulas or tool kits or HAL 9000s to offer the assist here. Good ol’ original copy can get you through this slump of underwhelming copy which is abundant on the Internet.

Ecommerce sites primarily find themselves focusing on their products and services and end up producing forgettable and bland copy.

Hence, unimpressed search engine algorithm and subsequent ranking.

·         Do your keyword research

·         Keep it personable

·         Remain informative

·         Do not waste the visitor’s time

·         Do not go for the description and titles given by the product companies/manufacturers

·         No, instead, staying in your own true voice, write tailored copy

It all gives yourself an edge and a SERP boost too, since you will be modifying copy on all ends.  

5. No sympathy for RankBrain naysayers

Alright, so maybe the HAL 9000 reference was not too far off.

Google RankBrain looks at how you, the user, interacts with the search results. Meaning, which link you go to, how long you stay or how quickly you leave. It studies that information and indexes the webpage accordingly.

Do you want RankBrain to be an ally?

1.      Generate appropriate content to retain the user and strengthen the dwell time

2.      Present your keywords, tags, titles and description in the search results in way that boosts Click-Through-Rates

Optimize your site for RankBrain and get SEO results unlike never before.

6. Usain Bolt this SEO business

Speed is either going to hurl you toward your SEO goals at the speed of light or cause you to crash and burn.

The objective: load websites in 3 seconds

The path as suggested by Search Engine Land and Alejandro Rioja:

1.      Test your speed to figure out where you are at presently

2.      Now, apply requisite changes

3.      Check back in to see if you are hitting the ideal loading time

4.      If not, repeat cycle until goal completion

5.      Try compressing HTML, CSS and JS files (not images) with Gzip

6.      Use a Cloud Distribution Network

7.      Use photo editing software for image optimization

8.      Test speed again

For WordPress users:

·         Apply Super Cache or Total Cache

·         Compress images with EWWW Image Optimizer and other such tools

The reward: Be a shining example for all of us looking to hit your New Year’s SEO resolutions.

There are several ways things are changing for the better. Soon enough with these constant algorithm updates from Google to welcome an inevitable AI and machine learning world, we will have newer methods to need to have to optimize for SEO.

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