6 Ways Your Site’s SEO Is Horrible

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6 Ways Your Site’s SEO Is Horrible

When it comes to getting the recognition you deserve, your site is beyond underrated. But then again, you’re not doing what you should be to increase your search engine optimization.

To improve your sites SEO, you have to acknowledge and correct your mistakes. Here are 6 ways your site’s SEO is horrible:

You have low quality content featured on your site

If you have bad or tired content on your site, people will already not care to visit your site, but it will also not show the SEO results you wish. With repeated content to untrustworthy content, search engines will filter it out, and your website will be hard to find. Cut out the cruddy content to make your site more unique and boost your search engine position

It’s not mobile friendly

In today’s times, the majority of people have smartphones and can access the internet via these devices. In fact, according to a recent report from ComScore, smartphones and tablets count for 60% of online activity. So why haven’t we updated our old SEO techniques to make them mobile friendly? Given the popularity of internet usage on mobile devices, your website needs to be web friendly. If it’s not it will kill your SEO and you will lose leads who get frustrated trying to view your site on their mobile devices. Keep up with the times, and become more mobile friendly.

You tried buying or swapping links

This transparent move will not get you far with many search engines, such as Google. There are strict guidelines in Google’s terms of service that urges against using these tactics, so if you attempt to forward your site with these shady strategies, you’ll find that your site will not fare well on these search engines. Play it safe and stay true to your business and your customers by only using credible links.

You’ve tried keyword stuffing

If you’ve heard keyword density is helpful and you’re trying to boost your site’s SEO the worst thing you can do is participate in keyword stuffing. This sly technique is the term for trying to sneak your keywords in to get them more attention in online searches. However, when there is an unnatural use of the key phrases or words within your content, search engines will catch on to your attempts and you’ll lower your ranking, or get banned from certain searches. Prevent this by limiting your keyword using, and reading through your content to make sure it flows well before publishing.

You tried cloaking your site

If you don’t know what cloaking is, it basically means that you portrayed your site as one way to the search engines, (as if wearing a cloak) but when people come across your site it is different. This technique is used to trick search engines to increase SEO, but it is illegal, and definitely frowned upon. If caught your site will get banned, and your SEO will be even worse than it was before. Take off the cloak and display your site in its entirety to stay on the search engines’ good sides.

Your site could use some work

Before you ask why your SEO is bad, you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Perhaps the real problem here is your website. Whether you have a lot of typos, outdated information, unreliable or inexistent citations, or broken links, your site might be hurting itself. While these qualities will not fare well with potential clients, it won’t even get their attention if the search engines have anything to do with it. If you want your site to be search engine approved and get the SEO results that you want, you need to put your best foot forward and update your site and make it credible.

By fixing these 6 mistakes within your website, you can make sure that it is search engine friendly and ready to see the results you’ve been aiming for.

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