Amazon Encourages Safe Sex Through E-Commerce Availability

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Amazon Encourages Safe Sex Through E-Commerce Availability

You can find basically everything you need online nowadays. Clothing, streaming music, live concerts, instant video, groceries, the list of items and applications to purchase online is never-ending.

Well, it’s time to add another one to the list with the addition of condoms being sold on Amazon.com. The company announced on March 31, 2016 that several brands were going to begin selling their sexual protection products online via the e-commerce site.

Think what you want about the audacity to sell such products online, but it’s expected to be quite a smart move for the brand. Amazon is already known for being a leader in online shopping, and offers a wide variety of products and services online. And so far, they’ve done quite well.

In a world where laziness meets convenience, online shopping is the answer to many needs.

Now take a product that many are embarrassed to buy in stores. From searching through the aisle filled with products to enhance your sexual pleasure, to carrying the box around a packed store and placing it on the conveyor belt for the cashier to check you out, the experience can be quite humiliating. But why? Insist practicing safe sex an encouraged behavior in our society?

From the number of unwanted pregnancies, and unfortunate sexually transmitted diseases floating around, safe sex is key to a safe, stable society. So when individuals feel too embarrassed to purchase the products they would prefer to use, there is a major problem.

Amazon is simply filling a void in the safe sex paradigm. By making these products available online, there will be a higher use of these products, and less unwanted results of unprotected sex.

Some criticism has arisen, claiming that this will encourage more sex, and more underage sex, as they may have the ability to buy these products online without any guardians knowing, but this theory can be easily debunked. For starters, those purchasing these products will have to be old enough to have a credit card or access to their parents’ cards. And if they’re using their parents’ card, they’ll be able to see where the money is being spent and how. Second, if under ager teenagers are having sex anyway, isn’t it better that it is protected? Call me crazy, but Amazon may just be on to something great.

But all the while as Amazon is doing great things in the world of sexual health, they’re also doing great things for the company. As an e-commerce titan, Amazon knows exactly what it’s doing. Morals aside, the availability of these new products on their site will bring in loads of money and online attention. They have hit the e-commerce jackpot, and they are soaking it up and squeezing every last penny out of their consumers.

Kudos, Amazon. You’ve done it again.

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