Amazon is Adding to Their List of Private Labels

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Amazon is Adding to Their List of Private Labels

As if Amazon didn’t already dominate the online retail industry, their next move might just solidify their position on top. Coming soon, perhaps even later this month, as the company hinted at, the online retailer may be debuting new lines of regular, everyday household items under their own private labels.

While Amazon already sells many of these items from other brands, the online retailer plans to expand on the private labels they already have, adding new names like Happy Belly, Wickedly Prime, and Mama Bear. Under these labels, Amazon intends to sell products ranging from baby supplies like diapers and baby food, to perishable food items and spices, and even household cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.

These items are not the first created by Amazon’s private labels. The company already offers products on their site under the private label Amazon Basics, which makes electronic goods like chargers, cords, and other simple devices. In addition to these electronic goods, the company also has created several clothing lines, which are also available on the e-commerce site. After testing out the success and popularity of such products, the online retailer has decided to launch their new lines of household items hoping to find the same success.

Amazon’s goal is to meet the needs of their customers by replacing popular items with their own brands. By competing with such items from other popular brands, the company hopes to find success by offering quality good at comparable prices to boost their sales and income. As the company has seen success, with minor setbacks, in the past, Amazon hopes the sale of their new private labels will be a turning point for the online retailer. As the company sells all kinds of items from apparel to electronics, to even perishable food items, they are hoping to now make waves by selling their own products directly through the e-commerce site, to completely take over the online retail industry.

Yet there is one caveat that online shoppers may face. This one little thing could either make Amazon an online retail genius, or could be the roadblock on their way to e-commerce success. As Amazon debuts these new household items through their private labels, these products will only be available to purchase by those with an Amazon Prime membership.

At $99 a year, an Amazon Prime membership gets you great deals and perks like free two-day shipping, free unlimited streaming of videos and TV shows, and more exclusive perks. And now, as the company is debuted their new lines of household goods, Amazon Prime members get even more perks. But will the exclusivity of their new lines put limitations on the success of Amazon’s new products, or make an Amazon Prime membership even more beneficial ?

As the company has mentioned, their new lines are set to debut soon on the site, so stand by to see the results. With quality products, the company could set themselves up for a solid spot at the top of the e-commerce industry. But selling food and perishable products online can also be a recipe for disaster.

This risky move by Amazon could be a game-changer for the company, but we will all have to wait and see what their choices will mean for the success of their new lines of household products. Amazon Prime members, keep your eyes open for the debut of these new products. With great deals, and free two-day shipping, these new purchasing options offered by Amazon might just be worth it.

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