Are You A Good Person? Technology Is Here To Determine That

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Are You A Good Person? Technology Is Here To Determine That

From airport wait lines, to bag and purse check lines you find at any concert or sporting event nowadays, the world expects the worst of people. And with so many senseless attacks from terrorists and mentally ill suspects, there is probably a good reason for that. It’s sad, but it’s true; we live in a dangerous world full of many kinds of people, and some with very deranged intentions.

So with this, we are left trying to weed out the bad seeds to prevent them from doing more harm. And so far, I’m not going to lie, it’s not going so well. Try as we might, our security systems still have some holes, even if they are getting more and more tedious. The world is in need of a new system to find the bad guys.

Luckily, an Israeli startup company called Faception has debuted a new technology to help the world find the bad individuals and prevent them from doing harm. With their new technology, the company claims it can tell if someone is a bad person simply with a quick look at their face.

Through an undisclosed algorithm, Faception says they can do a quick scan of an individual’s face, which analyze the face and determine several qualities and behaviors that relate to the person. Through physical identifiers, the company says they can “isolate human behaviors” which can tell a lot about a person, such as their IQ, their willingness to disclose information, and ability to act foul.

Faception has used the technology to identify over 20 different groups of supposed criminals ranging from illegal gambling bosses to potential terrorists.

The software is allegedly able to scan over one hundred faces per second, which would allow it to be of use in highly populated places, such as ball games, airports, malls, concerts and other high-traffic areas. But while it can detect whether or not people are “good” or not, the company also claims it can prevent major crimes and attacks from happening by predicting trouble. This is done by scanning people in a large vicinity and identifying where groups of ill-minded individuals are located to alert the authorities.

And while there are sadly still many racists in the world, this technology is not. Faception’s product does not take race or gender into consideration when scanning their individuals, as this is not a factor in determining their ability to commit a crime. The scan simply looks at their facial structure and the way they carry themselves to determine their fate.

While many suspected terrorists and criminals are on watch lists across the world, this technology can even go a step further to determine who has the potential to commit a crime, without having any history of a criminal record or a trace of a former crime to go off of. This technology could prevent first time criminals from committing major crimes across the world, something that our security systems have yet to find a way to do.

As for now the company is keeping details about the technology under wraps, and has even declined to disclose the algorithm of the technology due to many reasons. While they want to keep the rights to their product, they also want to prevent criminals from obtaining such information to tamper with the results of change to adapt to sneak under the radar. But one thing is certain, this type of technology is the future, and Faception has made an incredible product that will be used to maintain safety in our society.

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