Are You Being Too Aggressive In Your Email Marketing Campaign?

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Are You Being Too Aggressive In Your Email Marketing Campaign?

You think you have the email campaign down pat. You have a schedule you send out regular emails, and you reach out to individual leads and customers in a personal way. But why aren’t you seeing the results you expected in your email marketing strategy?

Perhaps your email marketing campaign is a bit overzealous. Your overeager approach may be scaring off your prospects!

Here are some ways to tell if you are being too aggressive with your marketing emails:

You Send More Than One Email To A Lead In A Day

We all have that one company that floods are inboxes, and we hate them for it. While it is good to stay on the radar and stay relevant to clients by reminding them of your products, you really shouldn’t go overboard here. People get annoyed easily when their inbox gets swamped, so keep their job easier by limiting your emails to one a day or less, and you will stay on their good side. Send out more than that and you may find all your emails going directly to their trash.

Your Subject Lines Are Awful

Whether the subject lines that preview your messages are intimidating, misleading, or just downright confusing, you really need to clean up your act. Your email subject lines are the first thing the clients see, and with lines that are frightening you will not get your emails opened. Keep your email subject lines short, friendly, and simple, and be clear with your message. Your email marketing campaign will be much more successful with a calm, collected, and friendly tone in your email subject lines, as opposed to aggressive and misleading subject lines.

You Are Sending Out Emails To Random People

When you are sending out emails, remember who your real leads are. Real prospects show some interest in your business, while random emails can be acquired at any time, have no substance to them. Know the difference between a lead and a random contact, and make sure you are targeting the leads. If you are sending out emails left and right to people who have zero interest in your services, you’re actually going to hurt your brand and get a lot of bad reports by angry people who are bugged by your non-stop emails. Sift through your contact list and make sure you are sending out emails to valuable leads only.

Your Emails Include Too Many Calls To Action

As a business promoting your services or products, customers understand that you may have more than one thing you want to display. But if every one of your emails includes a bunch of confusing links or calls to action to overwhelm the client, you’re not going to get any of the messages you are trying to convey through to them. As Unbounce Director of Marketing, Georigana Laudi, testified on Zapier.com “Trying to accomplish too much in an email is asking readers to do too much work to decipher if your email is relevant or not to them.”

So avoid this by cleaning up you emails and focusing on one clear call to action in each email. This way you will not overwhelm or confuse your clients, and your emails will be much more effective.

Stop The Aggression Or Suffer The Consequences

With an aggressive email marketing campaign, you may be doing a disservice to your brand. As Debra Ellis of Multichannel Magic insisted, “The dirty little secret of aggressive email marketing is that it sacrifices long term growth for short term gains.”

Over time, you will learn that aggressive email marketing tactics don’t win over customers, they scare them away or annoy and frustrate them enough to send your emails straight to spam. Take it easy, and keep your leads around long enough to see what your business is really about.

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