Are You Getting the Wrong Kind of Web Traffic?

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Are You Getting the Wrong Kind of Web Traffic?

It is great that your site is finally getting the views it needs to be successful… but are you actually seeing conversions from your newfound attention? Perhaps this is because your site is attracting the wrong kind of web traffic. While you may think any web traffic is beneficial, you might want to rethink and consider the fact that the bottom line is all the matters: your conversion rate and sales numbers are still low. So pick up these few tips and change your web traffic. With a few easy changes, you can work to improve your web traffic, and get the motivated leads you need.

Fix your keywords

A big thing that could be throwing off your search engine results and your web traffic is keyword choice. If your keywords and phrases are misleading, you may be attracting the wrong kinds of leads. If you continue to see heavy web traffic, without getting the sales and the conversions you should be, check out your keywords and see if you can improve them to fit your site and your motivations a bit better, This can help you find the kind of web traffic you are looking for through more accurate SEO tactics.

Match your headlines to your copy

Another thing that could be throwing your leads off are the headlines you put on your content and posts. If you are trying to gain more attention by using click-bait titles, you may need to rethink the accuracy of these catchy headlines. While they may be successful at grabbing the attention of leads, they are not helping you get conversions. This could be because you headlines don’t actually match the content, and the readers then feel tricked. This is why many people will click on your links and posts, but don’t stay around long enough to hear you out of make a purchase. Change this by figuring out better headlines for your posts. With more accurate headlines, you’ll see more motivated leads coming to your site.

Ensure clarity on your site

Headlines are just one way you may be accidentally tricking your leads. While your site may be getting lots of web traffic, your leads are not sticking around after getting a quick look. Make a change by improving your pages. Fix all the copy on your pages, to make it clear and to get your focus across. You should also make sure that you have a clear call to action on your site. This could be another reason why you’re not seeing conversions. A few quick changes to improve the clarity could help.

Make a good offer

While you may not be attracting all of the right leads, you may be losing some beneficial leads. To fi this issue, try posting an offer on your site, to get leads to make a purchase and win them over real quick. This offer could be a discount on your products, or free shipping, just something to get them to convert and invest in your business. These little offers can do a lot more than you know.

Test your tactics

To improve your site, and your web traffic, your business would greatly benefit from aome a/b testing. With this tactic, you can test different headlines, posts, and other parts of your site to see what goes over the best. This can help you see what kind of traffic your posts attract, and what strategy works best to get the leads you want.

Improve your online presence and your web traffic with a few simple changes in your site.

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