Attention: Facebook Instant Articles is Now Open For All

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Are you losing your leads before they even read a line of your copy due to unwanted pop-ups and slow loading time? Well if so, Facebook has made a change that will help your web pages immensely.

With Facebook Instant Articles, your copy will now perform better among your audience. Facebook Instant Articles is a service that allows you to publish optimized copy for Facebook. With the use of Facebook Instant Articles, your readers will have an easier time accessing your articles, with minimal ads, and a faster loading time. With Instant Articles, you can also have an allotted amount of space for your own ads, so you can profit off of the copy.

Facebook Instant Articles has been used by some bigger names online, but is finally accessible to all. With this, Facebook is working to create a more fair space and allow people equal opportunities online. To use the service, you can sign up at instantarticles.fb.com. Then you create articles and submit then to the service. Then you can begin publishing your content online on Facebook. It’s that easy.

The service is open to all, both large companies, small companies, and even individuals looking to promote their own content.

And with perks like these why wouldn’t you want to try it?

Instant Articles has shown to bring customers to the actual content ten times faster than the typical loading speed. If you fear that you’re losing customers simply due to loading time, that’s reason alone to use the service!

Since the loading time isn’t an issues the Facebook Instant Article service has shown major improvements in getting leads to stay around to view the content. With the service, readers are 70 percent less likely to click out of the site before reading any of the content, so with this lower abandon-rate, you are almost guaranteed higher readership numbers!

But the improvements don’t stop there. With Facebook Instant Articles, the read-through rate of online content is also 20 percent higher than average. So with the service, the odds of readers staying around to finish your content, are much better than average.

As if this wasn’t enough to sell you over already, Facebook Instant Articles also helps users track their web traffic, and offers web analytic tools to analyze the online traffic, so you can see the results for yourself.

Small business Owners: If you haven’t been considering this option, you better jump on board right away! With the accelerated loading speed, the increased readership rates and the easy advertising options, you can finally see the results you’ve been looking to obtain from your online content.

Facebook Instant Articles is easy to use, and is proven to show results. What more can you want from your content publisher?

The newfound public access to Facebook Instant Articles is a blessing for online business.

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