Be Thankful for Quality ‘Thank You’ Pages, Here’s Why

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Be Thankful for Quality ‘Thank You’ Pages, Here’s Why

Just like your mom taught you, writing a nice ‘thank you’ note is always appreciated, and manners really can take you far in life. It can even take you far in business.

Thank you pages are a great way to show appreciation for your customers, and push forward your agenda while you have their attention. While some argue that thank you notes are unnecessary, or a waste of time, there are several reasons and ways to use thank you pages that can up your business and your online results.

Shows Recognition

First and foremost, mind your manners. In any kind of exchange with a customer, whether that be in person, on the phone, or online, you should always end the exchange on a high note with gratitude and a good attitude. A customer will always appreciate being thanked for their business, and it will go a long way if you continue to uphold this standard. Show your customers the respect they deserve and they will continue to invest in your business. It’s the least you can do.

A Great Way to Navigate Your Leads

After a lead signs up to your email subscriptions, or after a customer makes a purchase, creating a thank you page not only shows that you care about their business, but it also gives you a pathway to lead them back to your site for more. On a thank you page, you can easily include links back to your site, or you can directly take them to another part of your website that you want them to see next. It can be a great passageway to lead your potential clients through with only a few clicks of the mouse. Make sure you are including this key feature on your thank you page to maximize its potential.

A Good Excuse to Reach Out

With a thank you page, you get an extra excuse to reach out to your clients. While you can include a thank you page on your site after they interact with it, you can also follow-up with an email or other kind of message that will encourage them to revisit your site. This is a valuable way to grab their attention, especially if you include an offer in the message, like 10 % off the next purchase, or some kind of similar deal. This is how you reel your customers back in. It’s a surefire way to get the business results you’re aiming for.

Reason to Pack in Extra Info

Creating a thank you page can be valuable to you, but also to the customer. With thank you pages, you can include additional information about your business or about similar things the client may be interested in that can help them forward their goals. For example, if they signed up to find out more about your marketing business, you can extend other helpful links and sites that will help them find more information. Or, if they purchased a pair of shoes from your shop, you can suggest similar styles they may be interested in. These are easy ways to appeal to your clients and keep them engaged with your website.


If you are not already using thank you pages to your advantage, you should really reconsider your choices. Thank you pages are a valuable asset to online interactions with your leads, and can help boost your business. Using these tips to improve your thank you pages, you can optimize your landing pages. If you haven’t used these features to your advantage, make sure to edit your thank you pages right away!


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