Brand Awareness Vs. Lead Generation

Brand Awareness Vs. Lead Generation: How to Make Your Marketing Tactics Actually Work

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Brand Awareness Vs. Lead Generation: How to Make Your Marketing Tactics Actually Work

You’ve been working hard to get your company out there. But is that all you’ve achieved? While brand recognition is the first step to gaining leads, you have to make sure that your marketing strategy isn’t only aiming for awareness.

Push your marketing campaign to the next level to not only create brand awareness, but also to generate and nurture your leads. With these tips you can work towards the results you actually want.

Understand the underbelly of each tactic

While lead generation techniques can help you speak directly to certain leads to help convert them into paying customers, you likely won’t have a strong base of leads without prominent brand awareness. But brand awareness can only take you so far. So by understanding the positive and negative aspects of each, you can determine where and when to use each within your marketing campaign. Neither brand awareness nor lead generation is better than the other, there is simply a time and a place for each.

Use both for double the trouble

While some say brand awareness and lead generation are two different concepts, in tandem they can create optimal results. If you can combine these efforts to spread the brand name, yet also work to reach out to potential clients, then you have a seamless marketing campaign that will help your company build the client base it is looking for. So before you let anyone tell you that these are two completely separate topics, let’s get the facts straight before diving into the next steps to generating leads.

Understand where the difference lies

While brand awareness can help in the lead generation process, it is important to know the difference between the two and to be able to differentiate between the tactics used for each. Brand awareness is simply getting the company name out there, and advertising for the brand. Lead generation is the effort behind finding potential clients. While brand awareness helps put the name out there to find these clients, lead generation takes over with certain messages and other marketing tactics that speak directly to these leads. Once potential clients are recognized for their interest in the company, lead generation and lead nurturing techniques begin and brand awareness is no longer relevant in the current process. So distinguishing between the two, helps to create a more flawless plan to gain attention and customers, as long as everything is kept in order.

Use the right tools for each tactic

The best thing about the world of business nowadays is the number of resources available to us. No longer is cold-calling the only way to sell a product. And we have the internet to thank for that. From email drip marketing tactics, to blogs and webpages, we have many more mediums to market across. And let’s not forget the power of social media. But with such power comes responsibility, and it if you want to conquer the leads you are looking for you have to use your resources wisely to promote your business is the best light. While there is not a specific guideline for marketing online, it can help to stick to a basic plan. To help create brand awareness, social media is a great place to gain recognition and attention. But when it comes to generating and nurturing leads, a more personal platform like email can be useful for simpler and more direct modes of communication. While the two can certainly cross lines and be done across several types of mediums, this is a good guideline for beginners to follow.

With these helpful tips to differentiate and combine brand awareness and lead generation, your business should be well on its way to mastering the art of online marketing.

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