CallPath™ Can Easily Track Inbound Calls and Transfers

Inbound leads are some of the most valuable ones that need tracking. Whether you operate a call center or use an outside call service, track where those leads go once they enter your system. Transfer tracking allows you to see where the call originated and where it eventually ends up, making it easy to compare what inbound lead methods are your best performers.

Inbound leads need to be tracked to measure how effective your marketing strategies are performing. You can find out which marketing message or landing page prompts the most phone calls, and you can track where the phone calls are sent within your organization to identify buying trends. Measure how many hand-offs an inbound call generates and streamline your process so that calls get to the right person the first time. You can also track affiliates’ performance to help manage your relationship and increase your effectiveness. By assigning individual identifiers to each marketing message out there, you can easily determine which of your strategies are not performing well and adjust your efforts accordingly.

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