Color Has A Big Effect On Your Sales...Are You Setting The Right Tone?

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Color Has A Big Effect On Your Sales...Are You Setting The Right Tone?

Did you know that the color palette you choose to use for your web page can have a subtle, yet definite impact on the decision your clientele make?

Depending on the colors you choose to promote your brand, you could be creating a positive or negative association of your brand within the mind of the customer, without them even focusing on the color itself. Color psychology is neat, right?

Now don’t fret your color swatch, your site can easily be fixed. With a few changes in color and tone, you can make your pages instantly more successful with these helpful tips when picking the colors for your web design:

Know Your Audience

To pick the right color scheme for your site, you need to narrow down your target audience. If your business sells products geared towards women, you’ll want to pick bright and colors and avoid dull colors like brown, orange, and gray. According to a survey conducted for kissmetrics.com, 33 percent of women dislike the color orange the most, followed by brown, then gray. Web sites and logos featuring these colors tend to have a harder time appealing to women’s taste. Likewise, kissmetrics.com reports that men also dislike orange and brown, but instead of gray, purple is another color they shy away from.

When it comes to designing a site for products and services geared towards children, colors or all sorts are important to use. The audience has a great impact of how the site should be designed and how color should be used, so make sure this is your starting point when designing or redesigning your web pages.

Direct Your Leads With Color Choices

To get color to work in your favor, you need to use the right hues to influence the buyer. By using specific shades to designate different actions on your pages, you can help gain more sales. To get this strategy down pat, you need to be familiar with colors and what they symbolize. For example, if you want to influence shopper’s urge to buy, you might want to use the color black. According to a recent article for businessinsider.com, the color black represents a powerful and sleek image, which appeals a more luxurious crowd. It can be used to help win over impulse shoppers. If used correctly on your site, like as a background color to your product, you can have an impact on your profits. Know your colors, and when to use them to help influence your leads.

Adjust Your Color Scheme

If it is too late to change your company’s logo, don’t sweat it. There are still ways you can optimize your color usage. You can pick colors similar to your logo that complement it, yet add the desirability you want your site to having. By adding these colors to complement your logo, you can adjust the overall color palette and theme of your site to make it more welcoming appearance.

Don’t Go Overboard

Too much color, even too much of the right colors, can be a bad thing. Don’t overwhelm your clients with an abundance of color unless your site truly calls for it. In most cases, this plethora of colors will make everything blend in and cause your site to be confusing to the visitor. Keep it your color usage clean and don’t underestimate the power of some clear white space. It allows your customers some freedom and serenity, which will help them make good decisions… which will hopefully be in your favor!

Test Your Usage

There is not a designated color for every function on your site. In some cases you may just have to wing it, test it out, and try something else to compare, and see which color was more efficient. Simple changes like this can easily be made, so don’t worry about having to go back in to make changes to your site. There is always room for improvement, and in order to see improvements, something you just have to test out different options and compare the results to find the best colors for your site.

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