Copywriting Habits That Bring Results

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Copywriting Habits That Bring Results

Sometimes you have to stick with what you know works. The oldies can be goodies, proving that the same great copywriting techniques have been perfected over time.

Kick it old school with these tried and true copywriting habits that bring results:

Aim for inspiring an emotion in readers.

While not everyone will interpret your writing in the same way, you need to be clear with your intentions and work towards selling your point. Try to make the readers feel a certain way, and commit to it. To get sales, and readers, you need to invoke some kind of emotional reaction, be it emotionally compelling, funny, stress, you need to get the lead to feel some way after reading. Start off with that when you are thinking of topic ideas, and keep on with your emotional intent.

Target the Individual

Advertisers realized a long time ago that when trying to sell a product, you can’t try to sell it to the masses at once. Instead, you need to relay a message that speaks to the individual, one that read as though you are singling out the individual and speaking with them, relating to their needs, and solving their individual problems. Nobody wants to be grouped into the masses where they feel like they mean nothing to the company. Make your potential clients feel like they matter individually, and you’ll see the leads you want. This is a timeless marketing trick you need under your sleeve.

Tell A story

We grow up reading, watching, and listening to stories. Then we look to newspapers, TV news, and friends for more stories. We are a story-loving society. So of course story-telling should be a copywriting habit you should have caught on to by now. By telling a story to sell your product, you attract readers and keep their interest, even if it is only for a few moments. With each second the reader spends invested in your story, you gain a bit more respect from them, and your odds of making a sale goes up. With memorable stories, you also stay relevant to leads, and they will keep your story and your business in mind when they go to make a purchase. So stay relevant with your potential clients with story-telling, a copywriting habit that has been used over the ages.

Watch Your Language

Now I don’t just mean your use of appropriate language, but that is certainly something you should keep in mind, because you can offend and drop leads in seconds with swears, offensive language and crude humor. But also, to keep leads coming back, you need to include the write language, grammar, and syntax to make your stories readable and easy to understand. If you use bad grammar or have errors in your writing that make your writing confusing, you will lose leads in the blink of an eye.

Once you get that down pat, you need to look into your choice of words, and how to communicate your message. While you are not just focusing on your product, you still need to include some calls to action, and use action words to support it. Include words like “now” “free trial”: and “new” to attract customers, and win them over instantly.

But there are some words you should avoid. Instead of using big and colorful adjectives to sell your story, focus on the message and the meaning. People will see through all of the fluff, and will know your true intentions when they read it. Keep your language clean, correct, and concise to get the best results.

These copywriting habits have been passed down form the masters, and perfected over the ages. While there are new tips and ideas to learn daily, these basic habits seem to be true of successful copywriters. Stick with these habits, and your copy will bring it the results you’ve been hoping for.

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