Crazy Viral Content What Makes It Happen

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Crazy Viral Content What Makes It Happen

Is the dress black and blue, or white and gold? Did you find out what your spirit animal should be according to the latest quiz from BuzzFeed? Wasn’t that pup riding a skateboard the greatest thing you’ve ever seen?

While some of these topics may seem lame and unimportant, they got the attention of the public and sparked a mutual interest online, reaching a high amount of views and shares making the content go viral. While there is no absolute science, or recipe to make a piece of content go viral, there are some things you can do to boost your ratings and increase your views and shares on social media. And with viral content, or at least content that is gets a fair amount of exposure, you can grow your audience and online presence, which will help your marketing efforts take off! Check out these tips to help increase your chances on creating and posting viral content.

Start with a great headline

While writing good copy and headlines should already be a priority in your content writing, it is a necessity for creating a viral post. Without an eye-catching headline, your post will not take off. A great headline that teases your readers into watching a clip, or reading your copy is the extra push you need to get your copy off the ground. With this running start, your content will actually have a chance at going viral. Try out some click-bait headlines, and practice your headline writing. It’s a skill that all online marketers need to excel at.

Make it stand out

With competent, but boring copy you may be giving your leads and customers the “spinach,” or valuable information they need to know, but it’s not likely to go viral or even get the attention it deserves without some creativity. To get the high exposure you want out of a post, blog, photo, or video, you need to think outside the box and try something new. People get sick of seeing the same posts and trends in their newsfeeds. Start a new trend and brainstorm to create content that catches the eye for being different. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Spark some emotion

What is the one component that all viral content has in common? It makes people feel some type of way. From funny video clips that get people rolling on the floor laughing, from sad copy that sheds light on unknown topics and increases awareness and sensitivity to new areas, these viral posts get people watching, thinking, and feeling different emotions. When creating content, make sure that you work hard to stir up some emotion in your audience. Whether you want them to feel happy, sad, or even angry, any strong emotion sensed from your content will help its chances of becoming viral. Even content that has strong opinions can make it viral due to the backlash and the inspiration for discussion of the content on social media. This is something that can help it go viral, but something to be careful with to manage your company’s public relations and reputation.

While any type of emotion is a good way to grab attention, certain types of emotion can increase the odds of going viral. If you want to increase your odds, try to stick with a positive theme that stirs up positive feelings about your content. This type of content is the type that is shared most often, and it will also be the most beneficial type of content to advertise your business for, given that it will show off the best image of you company and associate it with good vibes.

There is no guarantee for creating viral content, but with these tips in mind, you’ll be one step closer to creating content worth sharing.

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