Manage Your Customer Relationships in the Cloud

With LeadPath’s CRM, you get a full-featured Customer Relationship Management system that gives you access to customer information in real time and lets you know instantly where each customer or prospect is in the sales process.

If you’ve been handling your sales funnel in Excel spreadsheets or even on index cards, the functionality of a CRM can save you valuable time in managing and assigning tasks for follow-up. You can store multiple client contacts, phone numbers, actions or steps taken to date, follow-up responsibilities, and have access to everything in the cloud from anywhere at any time.

As your company grows and acquires more customers and prospects, the need for a central system to manage all these leads and customers grows exponentially. Customers may have multiple contacts for different products, or prospects may have many needs to be filled by multiple services lines that need differentiated. Everyone with access to your CRM can manage where a company is in the sales process.

Benefits of LeadPath’s CRM

  • Customer information is centralized. You can respond immediately to customer requests without having to get in touch with a sales rep or an account manager to find out details about a customer’s account. When customers call in, if all information kept in the CRM is available to anyone, anyone can help the customer. This saves time and headaches for both you and your customers.
  • Customer acquisition costs decrease. When you have detailed information in a CRM, you can design focused marketing messages that appeal to certain customers. A blanket marketing message that is sent out to all customers can irritate customers who already have that product or service or are in the process of contracting for it. When you get your marketing messages to the right people, you save valuable time and costs associated with marketing and sales efforts.
  • Attain better customer awareness. A CRM is the central nervous system that connects all departments in your organization so that everyone has access to the important information about customers. Rather than having only a few sales people who know the concerns and issues of a particular customer, with LeadPath’s CRM, your entire organization is aware of a customer’s wants and needs. Better customer awareness leads to better customer service and happier customers.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. By streamlining your customer information in one location accessible to everyone, you gain efficiencies and a depth of information about your customers that give you an advantage over the competition. You can mine your customer data to find out trends and patterns that will help you predict future sales and close sales easier and earlier.
  • Your data is secure. LeadPath’s CRM is in the cloud. That means all of your customer information is available 24/7 safely and securely. Don’t fear system malfunctions in the office with a cloud application. You can also access your customer information from anywhere over your smartphone, so you’re not confined to the office and the reliability of your internal network.
  • Free your sales force from reports. Do you have your sales team spending valuable time creating forecasting spreadsheets for the upcoming quarter’s sales figures? Free your sales force to do what they do best—acquire customers—rather than focusing on creating reports. With LeadPath’s CRM, you can generate reports on your customer data and see exactly where you stand at any given point in time.

Make sure all of your customer interactions are systematic and consistent across all channels with LeadPath’s CRM.

Call today for a free demo. LeadPath’s CRM can increase your customer satisfaction by enhancing every interaction.

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