Automate Your Cross-Channel Marketing Functions

Cross-channel marketing is crucial today. You need to be able to reach your customers and prospects where they are with a consistent message. Rather than trying to manage multiple platforms or programs to track your marketing efforts across a variety of channels, LeadPath’s Cross-Channel Marketing lets you control your marketing from one dashboard.

See where your messages are going, whether it’s through social media, mobile phone apps, website, or email marketing. Ensure that each message being received by your customers and prospects is branding your company, service, or product in a manner consistent with your marketing plan.

Your marketing messages shouldn’t be silos standing alone in a field. Create messages that engage and compel your customers and prospects with the same information and intent across a variety of channels to give them a seamless campaign that you can measure and track.

Benefits of Using Cross-Channel Marketing

  • Know your customers better. By tracking your cross-channel marketing efforts, you can find out more information about your customers and prospects than ever before. You’ll know when customers engage with your message through various channels to give you a picture of their purchasing habits. You’ll have a better picture of which messages resonate better with your audience so that you can make changes on the fly to create a stronger campaign.
  • Grow your brand awareness. By reaching out across many different channels, you’re increasing your brand awareness in ways that are reaching your prospects where they are in the sales process. Customers and prospects need to have access to your marketing messages from whatever platform they’re using, and those messages can be easily tracked through LeadPath’s Cross-Channel Marketing.
  • Exposure to new prospects and customers. By reaching out through multiple channels, you can expose your products and services to a wider audience. If people are consistently seeing a branded marketing message about your product on social media, through PPC ads, in search engine results, and other forms of digital marketing, you increase the likelihood of gaining new leads and prospects you might not have reached with a single marketing channel.
  • Manage all campaigns from one dashboard. You don’t need separate spreadsheets or software programs to track how your marketing campaign is functioning across all channels. You have access to tracking information from one dashboard on LeadPath’s Cross-Channel Marketing. See how different channels respond to your messages and which messages create the strongest response. Use one central location to see where you need to expand your efforts or change your plan in real time.
  • Control the frequency of messaging. With LeadPath’s Cross-Channel Marketing module, you control when and where your marketing messages are being used. You can vary the channels and determine when is the best time to send out your messages, and you can track the results to determine your next steps. Rather than inundate your audience with your marketing messages, you can create a concerted plan on when and how you’ll reach your audience best.
  • Save time and money. You don’t need to hire one agency to help you manage all of your media messages. You control it from one platform: the LeadPath Cross-Channel Marketing. The time you save by doing it in-house rather than bringing an outside resource up to speed on your marketing campaigns can be better spent on tracking your efforts and fine-tuning your messages. Use the money you save from not hiring an expensive media consultant to increase your advertising spending in those areas that create the largest ROI.

Cross-Channel Marketing makes good business sense. Manage and track your efforts easily on LeadPath’s Cross-Channel Marketing platform.

Call LeadPath today for a free demo and see how cross-channel marketing boosts your marketing campaigns and their reach.

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