CrowdReviews.com Opens Gates For Reviews of Marketing Automation Software From Business Owners

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CrowdReviews.com Opens Gates For Reviews of Marketing Automation Software From Business Owners

Hey business owners, you can now have a voice online to share your opinions about marketing software.

Hey marketing software companies, you can now work to improve your programs and standards with the help of honest and detailed feedback from your users.

Hey seekers of marketing automation software, you now have a handy site to visit to help you compare different marketing programs and see real reviews to give insight to help you find the best digital marketing software for your needs.

Just earlier this week, CrowdReviews.com, a site dedicated to helping individuals give their opinions and feedback on certain products and services, announced that the site has decided to invite business owners to rate their experiences with marketing automation software by allowing them to give reviews of the software programs they have used to marketing purposes.

With the help of these reviews that the company is asking for, CrowdReviews.com then uses an algorithm to rank and compare the marketing automation software companies, and allows site users to see which companies stack up to be the best. This information them comes in handy for those looking to invest in marketing automation software, as well as for current users of the software, helping them to determine if they are using the right program based on their needs and convenience level.

As the site gets more and more reviews, the rankings will change with them. The company is dedicated to giving users optimized results that are based of off each and every review. They want to avoid stagnant results, and work to keep their users updated with the latest results to help them make the best choices for their business when it comes to finding marketing software.

When a business owner decides to accept the invitation and review the marketing automation system that they currently use, or have used in the past, there are several requirements and standards by which they must evaluate their software.

First of all, CrowdReviews.com ensures that all of the reviewers on their site are verifiable, and double check the information they receive to make sure that each and every business owner is honest, fair, and a legitimate source. Each and every business owner must register for an account with CrowdReviews.com, and in the process the site checks out their company to double check that everything is up to their standards before allowing them to participate in reviewing their marketing software and posting a review to be considered in the ranking system.

The ranking service then allows the business owners to rate and rank over 500 software categories and 200 service categories. The main factors that go into each company and marketing software review are review strength, engagement strength, sentiment strength, profile strength, and verified status. These five standards hold the most weight within the ranking algorithm, yet there are several other factors that the business owners can use to rate their software service that are taken into account. In fact, each of the main five standards of the ranking system has several sub-factors to rate the marketing automation software, which allows for extremely detailed reviews to be given by the business owners. Reviewers can be very specific with their feelings with a marketing system based on these insightful ratings that allow them to dig deep into their experiences.

CrowdReviews.com then uses theses ratings to rank the marketing automation software companies based on an algorithm that prioritizes certain sub-factors. And some reviews are also ranked higher in the standards than others, giving these reviews more of a voice to share. The strength of the review is based on the reviewers, which factors in the number of reviews given by the reviewer, the average rating the review tends to give, their LinkedIn account and their review that is linked with solid evidence, and other factors that determine legitimacy and standing.

Companies that give reviews are also asked to submit verifications, proving that they are in fact a real organization that is giving their ratings based on concrete experiences. CrowdReviews.com asks business owners to complete and submit a Company Key Facts Verification Form, which asks for information including verification from a certified public accountant, a chartered financial analyst, a certified management accountant, or a signature from an attorney who can confirm that the business is real and that the information submitted on the site is all true. CrowdReviews.com does not take the verification process lightly, as it hopes to serve its users with only valid and reliable information.

This new ability for business owners to rate and rank their marketing automation software will allow CrowRevies.com to compile a complete and accurate list of the top marketing systems, helping business owners find the best marketing software they can get their hands on.

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