Don’t Just Get Leads, Get Sales Out Of Your Emails With These Email Copy Tips

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Don’t Just Get Leads, Get Sales Out Of Your Emails With These Email Copy Tips

The success of your email marketing hinges on your ability to write compelling copy. If your content is not up to par, then you may be missing out on opportunities to convert your leads into paying customers.

Take a look at these basic tips to improve your email copy and see an increase in your sales

Use an exciting subject line

Since this is the deciding factor that chooses the fate of your message, make sure you are starting the email off on the right note with an enticing subject line. While this is the first thing people will see, it is often most helpful to write after you finish the rest of your email. Then once you know what you need to write about, make sure you use exciting language and keywords that increase activity in users. It often helps to include the name of the receiver, or to offer advice or “exclusive offers” to the recipients. These tactics can be easy ways to grab their attention and get your email opened.

Make sure your message and subject line are cohesive

Spending too much time trying to come up with an eye-catching subject line to get people to open your emails? Make sure you save some time and ensure it relates and explains your message. Otherwise, the people who do decide to click on your email may get frustrated because they were misled and you will lose potential customers as a result. Make sure all parts of your email fits together. This also includes the landing page you may link the email to. If you are focusing on a certain service in your email copy, then link it to the direct page of that service or product to make the process easy to complete for the user. With such convenience, your sales will blossom.

Personalize the content

When writing email copy, make sure that you have a specific audience in mind. Segment groups to send different messages to, based on their interests and feedback. To go a step further, you can even include the names of the people you are targeting in the subject line and copy of the email. People are more likely to read on and follow through with the email if you reach out to them directly because they feel like you care about their individual needs.

Write like a person, not a professional robot

While using direct names to address recipients can be a personal touch, another important tip to keep in mind to make your message more realistic is to consider your writing style. While professional standards and ethics should always be upheld, the stiff language can be substituted for a more causal tone of voice. If you write like you speak, using second person, you’ll be able to connect with more of your leads and make a bigger impact than a stiff, uber-professional email your perspective clients cannot relate to.

Focus on the benefits

You can include a lot of information within your email that could be helpful for your client to know about your business, but in reality all they care about is themselves and how you can help them. So keep your email copy on track by targeting what they want to see and giving them only the main points that will reinforce their good feeling about opening your email. Make sure to focus on selling points like big sales, or new services that attract the attention of the reader. This is how you will get sales. Try it out for yourself.

Include a call to action

If you forgot to add a clear call to action within your email copy, you might as well just delete the email before you even hit send. The entire point of email marketing is to reach out to leads and get them to engage with your business, by visiting your site, communication with you, or best yet, make a purchase. If you are not encouraging any of these main goals to your clients, then what is the point of your email? Make sure the call to action you want to convey to your potential customers is clearly explained within your email copy.

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