Email Subject Lines That All But Guarantee Opened Messages

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Email Subject Lines That All But Guarantee Opened Messages

Your email copy is golden, but you’re not seeing the results that you wants. Perhaps it’s because your email subject lines are scaring them away before they even click on the email.

To insure that you give your emails a chance to get opened, avoid using these horrible types of subject lines in your email marketing:

Misspelled Messages

We’re not perfect. Mistakes are prone to happen eventually, but a simple spelling or grammar mistake in your subject line can have lasting damages. Not only will this cause the instant decision to delete the email without even opening it, but it will make the reader question your entire company. A mistake reflects poorly on your brand, and can immediately cause your reputation and credibility to decrease. Some may even just unsubscribe to your emails at first glance because they no longer have trust in your company to manage simple tasks. The key is to proofread and check your work before you send it out.

Very Vague…

While shorter subject lines tend to fare better, you still have to give your leads a basic idea of what your email is about. By keeping your subject line short and vague, you’re not being mysterious or enticing, you’re just wasting the recipients’ time, and they probably do not care enough to investigate your email and see what it is all about. Use about 20 characters to explain your message in the subject line. Try to avoid using 30 or more characters though, because too much can be overwhelming. Getting the size and message right is key.

The “All About Me” Prompt

No offense, but no one really cares about you or your business. Your potential clients just want to hear about you can do for them. So stop talking about yourself so much! If you start off your email with a quip about talking solely about your company, you’re just going to end up the recipients’ trash. Instead of wasting their time, and yours, tailor your message and your subject line to something that revolves more around the client that will actually pique their interest.

Spam Censors

Using certain keywords can grasp the attention of your leads, but there are some words and phrases you need to avoid at all costs. Words like “free,” “exclusive,” or “urgent,” are all abused by companies, landing emails with these subject line in spam, or in the trash. People will assume that these lines permit a shady deal to try and trick them into a sale, and it will not work out well for your company. While providing deals for your services can attract more sales, creating subject lines with words your clients won’t trust is a big mistake you should avoid making.


Yes, you may get more attention with this cheap trick, but don’t assume that it is positive attention. Your customers are smarter than that. This transparent tactic stands out like a sore thumbing inboxes, if it even makes it that far. Many times, these will be filtered out as spam because of this lazy technique to make your information appear more eye-catching. Instead of branding your company with a negative connotation, promote your business in a positive light by using words and phrases that are eye-catching, instead of font and capitalization. It goes over much better, and can actually get you the results you’ve been trying to achieve.

Personalized Memo

You may think you’re being cute and considerate by including their name or a cute personal message in your email subject lines, but most of the time, leads just find it creepy and invasive. While personalization can be good when communicating with customers, you don’t want to scare them off by putting their names in the header. If you reach out to customers, including a name within your email may be okay, but avoid doing so in the subject line because it will seem more like a scam. Instead, make sure to include the subject of the mail, so they will recognize the topic discussed, and your email should actually get opened and read.

Email subject lines can be tricky, but if you make sure your message is direct, sincere, and interesting, your email should get the clicks it deserves.

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