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eValid Data Validation

For marketers, it is all about data. This is what fuels conversations and deep insights to help make more informed decisions. Data is essential for every business, you need it to learn more about your prospects and customers. When you talk about data, are you concerned with what types of data you're receiving? Have you thought about keeping your information updated, accurate and clear?

When you're preparing a new marketing campaign or new landing page strategy, you need to ensure that the data you receive is ready to use. This is about more than just spell checking or ensuring that the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers are all filled out. If you have just one letter off in an email address--forget it, the same is true for a zip code. Did someone type .cim instead of .com? Now, you'll be stuck with bounce backs. This is why it is essential to have a clean database to reach people when and how you want to reach them--immediately. As a result, data validation is an important step in effective marketing.

What is data validation?

Data validation is the action of filling in the blanks when the current data seems incomplete. It can be executed on entire records or databases. If your database is out-of-date, then your marketing campaign will end up flawed. If your company has news to announce or special discounts, how can you effectively deliver this news without the right addresses?

Most customers and prospects open emails to learn more about deals and offers. If you have an incomplete email ID, it will bounce back or simply disappear. If the message disappears, how will you ever know that you entered an invalid email address? The same thing is true of an incorrect phone number--your well-planned ringless voicemail or SMS message could be delivered to the wrong recipient. With data validation, you can iron out any wrinkles in your database and improve your customer relationships.

Benefits of data validation:

1. Improve customer loyalty. Through data validation, you can feel confident that you have an accurate database of contacts you can use to segment your target audience. Perhaps you want to target a specific geographic location or give a special offer to your most engaged customers. If you have the right data, you can then move on to segmenting and personalizing your messages to offer a human aspect of your brand.

People want to engage with humans, not companies. Yet, this will only work if your database is validated. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of time penning personalized messages that either never reach your intended recipient or reach the wrong person.

2. Save time. As you well know, there are often not enough hours in the day to complete everything you'd like to get done. Nonetheless, it would be an act in futility to waste human resources verifying names and email addresses. Instead of spending hours ensure you have an updated and clean database, data validation does all of that for you in real time--this includes corrections.

As a result, you can become more productive and efficient. Your competitors already use data validation in one form or another. It helps to know that you don't have to worry about your list and can continue business as usual.

3. Have a better view of your customers. Incorrect data leads to an incomplete view of your customers. You need all of their information, but especially basic demographic data. Otherwise, how can you offer them relevant solutions if you know nothing about your customers--or, if the data is only 50 percent accurate?

As shared earlier, people engage with other people, not brands. You can't speak directly to your customer, in a relevant way, if you have to guess where they're located. You can't give your customers what they want if you're only operating on half of the portrait. Data validation provides the full picture.

4. Better campaigns. Your campaigns are only as successful as your data. This is where it truly pays off to have accurate data. A seamless marketing campaign is one with very few bounce backs and messages delivered directly to your intended recipients. You spent months configuring the perfect campaign, and now, it appears to be falling apart at the seams. For every five emails sent, three are returned. Now, you're sorting through the bounce backs trying to figure out what the correct email address is.

If you send out postcards for a location-based deal and they are returned, then it would seem you now have fewer prospects in the area than originally estimated. How would that affect your future sales calculations. In contrast, data validation helps to ensure you're reaching your intended recipients instantly--as expected. Your marketing initiatives are now successful and help takes your sales up a notch.

5. It makes business sense. Your data is a silent partner in the success of your marketing campaigns. You will need help filtering out bad data and finding the best leads. While marketing automation makes it easy to send hundreds of emails in one click, it won't matter if over half of those emails come back. Then, tracking becomes much more confusing. Plus, if emails did not come back, how do you know they were still delivered to the right recipient?

This is why data validation should be part of your business. You can't improve sales with bad and incomplete leads. Data validation helps you to do your job better. When your marketing campaigns achieve success, you can move on to newer campaigns to keep the business flowing. You don't have to stop and manually filter your database because they were not validated.

Data validation isn’t a new topic, but it is one that is even more relevant in today’s hyper-competitive market. Data is essential for every business, just as important as how you use that data. Yet, you can’t make informed decisions or execute the right campaigns for your company without validated databases. This is why eValid data validation should be an imperative element for all of your business operations.

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