Your Leads are Only as Good as the Information Gathered

You only want the best leads in your system, especially if your reputation rests on the accuracy of your data. With cutting-edge lead validation services, you can rest assured that your data is both complete and valid -- that includes identifying duplicates that can hamper your effectiveness and efficiency. Make sure the information you have, like email address, phone number, and zip code, are current and correct before you make the mistake of chasing an invalid lead.

Make your leads top quality by using eValid Lead Validation Services to increase data and lead accuracy. A multi-level process checks each lead for a valid email server, tracks IP addresses for accuracy, filters out invalid data, screens illegitimate sources, and prevents duplicate posting. This eliminates the need for your sales force to manually go through each lead to ensure accuracy because that is now automated, which frees up sales to focus on selling rather than data scrubbing. You also decrease your marketing costs by ensuring that leads are ready to be worked immediately.

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