Facebook Is Testing New Mobile-Friendly Ads To See Lead Generation Results

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Facebook Is Testing New Mobile-Friendly Ads To See Lead Generation Results

Have you ever wondered how successful the ads that appear in your Facebook newsfeed are? You see them pop up all the time, but you never feel obligated to click, because you know that they will bring you out of your app and into a completely different site, deeming them inconvenient and unsuccessful.

Well now you can find out how successful they can be with a new design intend to improve accessibility and convenience for the advertiser and the customer. Facebook is currently testing a new type of ad to appear on the newsfeeds of Facebook users, and is looking to see how well they can generate leads.

According to adweek.com Facebook has decided to test lead generation-based mobile ads to see their success rate, and figure out how to improve them. They are choosing a set amount of about 30 brands, unknown to the public, and will see if they will become a popular tool for marketing on the social media site.

While ads are already prevalent on Facebook, and other similar social networking sites, the ads tested will include quick forms to fill out and sign up for services and such, all with the convenience of staying on the Facebook site.

When leads go to fill out this information, their profile will help them fill out forms faster, with the information provided through their Facebook profile. This head-start approach is expected to win over uneasy leads to its convenience and minimal time to complete.

But not to worry, Facebook has ensured that the site still values the privacy of the individual, and does not look further into their profiles or personal information. The Facebook terms and conditions have not changed with this new approach to marketing.

As Facebook tests these links, and comes up with results for their experiment, the results could mean a lot to the brand and the income due to the ads purchased for this site. If the experiment fares well, Facebook could see a great increase in funds for the successful and convenient ads purchased to appear on the newsfeeds of social networkers.

This will also make a big difference in social media marketing, giving a more clear call to action for recipients and appealing to more people than just followers. This completely changes the game of marketing on Facebook.

These ads also target mobile users specifically, bringing it to a whole new level of convenience, adjusting the social media marketing approach and making more mobile-friendly.

Facebook has yet to declare when the test will be finished and when the results will be ready for the public to view, but they expect to see improvements within mobile-friendly ads that they are upgrading. Their confidence in the project is not unexpected, as convenience is one of the main factors in winning over customers online.

Also, with the blossoming world of smart phones and social media, a grand majority of social media users are opting for mobile friendly apps and networks that they can access in seconds right within the palms of their hands.

This quick approach to gaining leads has already become a success, according to adage.com. Adage.com reports that in 2014, 59% of the $50.1 billion that marketers spend of digital ads, comes from direct response ads like the easy-to-use Facebook ads. This is because of the proven success that they ads have shown and are expected to show more with the improvements added.

This test is still underway and the results cannot be determined yet, but there is hope that these new mobile-friendly ads will up the ante of the Facebook and social media marketing game.

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