Facebook’s New Photo Viewing Update a Big Game Changer

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Facebook’s New Photo Viewing Update a Big Game Changer

Facebook has done it again. The company continues to push the limits and keep their users coming back for more.

This time, the site has brought new updates to photo viewing via smart phones and other mobile devices. Soon enough, the double tapping technique to zoom in will become obsolete as the site is unleashing a new way to get a closer look.

This new feature that Facebook has just announced will allow users to see images better by allowing them to see a 360 degree view of panorama images. But instead of having to double tap, Facebook users can simply tilt their mobile devices to get a clear, close up view of the image. This tilt-shift feature will allow for a more natural view of the image, and will allow users to get a closer look.

This modernized view of the such images will be seen in a better quality overall, and will allow for new possibilities with photo taking. But don’t worry, a fancy camera is not needed to take images that can be views with the tilt-shift feature. Simply using an iPhone, android, or an app that allows for 360 degree panorama images to be taken, will allow a Facebook user to upload and image for it to be viewed with the tilt-shift feature.

Everyday smartphone users will have the ability to use this new photo viewing feature, but until Facebook officially debuts the tilt-shift option, regular users have to wait their turn. As of now, major companies, photographers and even celebrities are competing to be the first to use this new feature. Facebook has been working with these important figures to create breathtaking images with the tilt-shift feature to display to the public upon debuting the option for all. So far, the company has set up pictures to be taken of NASA work, a Paul McCartney concert and even a court room scene to be taken by the New York Times, all to be viewed with the tilt-shift feature.

This new feature seems to simply serve as a rite of passage for Facebook. The company has been around for about ten years, and somehow continues to stay on top of the social media game. To stay at the top in a competitive field, one must be able to change and evolve with the times, and the Facebook Corporation is simply working to keep up with the needs and desires of their many clients.

One of the main reasons Facebook does so well is the site’s ability to share images and the success with sharing these images. While Instagram is increasingly becoming so popular, other social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn cannot complete with the photo viewing and sharing abilities, and such sites are considered to be more text-based. Facebook has done so well due to the ability to share text, photos and images with ease, and pushing forward on one of the site’s strengths seems to be a swift move for the company.

As this new features unfolds, users can expect to see more and more images on the social media site, including tilt-shift photo viewing images from major people, sites and even brand using the feature for advertising purposes. Facebook is opening the door for new possibilities in online photo viewing, and the opportunities are endless. Keep on doing you, Facebook. It seems to be working out well for ya.

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