Fast-Forward to Employing these New Trends in Digital Media

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Fast-Forward to Employing these New Trends in Digital Media

New Year, new digital media tactics. That’s how the saying goes, right? Your company’s digital marketing strategy may be competent, but make sure it’s off to a good start for the New Year by employing these new trends in digital marketing that are sure to make it big in 2016. Instead of following the trends, why not be on top of the trend-setting.

Keep it real with valuable content.

Something that isn’t going to change in the New Year is the focus on well-written copy and great overall content. Your leads can tell when you heart is truly in your work and with copy that was merely typed up in a matter of second to post, your effort will be transparent. Take the time to create new ideas, collaborate with writers, and make meaningful content that displays your company’s dedication and passion to your clients.

Amplify your effects on social media.

Social media may be addictive already, but it is only gaining more and more popularity and more users. And with the new additions and updates constantly coming that evolve the way these platforms work, advertisements and marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly prominent on social media. Keep this in mind for the New Year. Implementing a higher budget and dedicating more time to form a strong social media marketing strategy would be a fine idea to act on in 2016. Try starting with the big sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and master those platforms first. Then, if you so choose, you can add some extras, like an Instagram account, or even a Snap Chat for your company. Social media is here to stay, my friend, whether you like it or not. It’s time to get with the program.

Optimize it all for mobile.

Correlating to the rise in social media use is the use of mobile smartphones. Not too shocking, is it? As technology is evolving and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are widely used by a large public, the percentage of Internet use from mobile devices is becoming higher. So if your leads are likely reaching your site and social media ads via mobile devices, you’re probably going to want to make sure these are easily accessible via these devices. Optimizing for mobile use is a major change you’ll want to implement in 2016, if you haven’t gotten on board already.

All about those apps.

Applications for mobile use are becoming all the rage. In 2016, your business may want to think about creating an app for your customers to use. While some opt for creative apps and games, you can make an app simply for shopping your products, send daily messages and updates, or whatever your heart desires. The opportunities with applications are endless, so be creative and figure out a way to add an app to add an edge to your digital marketing strategy.

Make a movie.

Video is becoming more popular in digital marketing, and with good reason. A great video can get thousands of views on YouTube and lots of shares on social media. Even with a low-budgeted clip, you can take a great idea and turn it into a viral sensation that will get your company many hits. While the odds of a video going viral are low, you can still make quite an impact with video advertisements, as they are taking over social media. Test out your video capabilities in 2016.


Get on board with these trends and you’ll be well on your way to having a successful year of digital marketing for your business.

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