Form Builder

Both the quality and quantity of your leads have everything to do with your form. What kind of information do you want from your prospects? Name? Email? Home address? Capture these and more using LeadPath’s fully customizable form builder. Simply decide the fields you want to include and generate your form with the click of a button.


Some marketers report that 40% of the emails submitted through forms are fake. What good is developing a valuable lead nurturing campaign if you’re not actually reaching your prospects? LeadPath’s eValid™ feature ensures all your data is legitimate by checking it against other online databases. That includes information like name, email address, phone number, home address, and more. Stop wasting your team’s time with fake leads and start closing the ones that matte

Affiliate Management

Are you marketing for other businesses as an affiliate? With LeadPath, you can use your affiliate IDs to separate campaigns and track every key performance indicator. See revenue breakdowns, metric counts, and more with descriptive analytics. Then run detailed reports to prove ROI to every client.

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Campaign Management

With an intuitive dashboard, manage all your campaigns from capture to close. At the top of your marketing funnel, web delivery means you get your data as soon as it’s submitted, while CallPath™ software tells you exactly where your prospects are calling to and from. At the bottom of your funnel, landing pages convert your visitors to customers, and powerful tracking helps your team convert them again.

Lead Scoring

Ensure your sales team isn’t wasting time on bad leads. LeadPath’s lead scoring feature helps you identify only the most qualified prospects, then score them on a scale that shows your team which to prioritize. With informed sales and marketing teams, closing your best leads will be the easiest it’s ever been.

Data Appending

It used to be that if you wanted more information from your prospects, you needed to ask for it on your form. Today, LeadPath’s appending feature will check other databases for the information you capture to give you more insight into your leads. We’ll match up name and email with other info like home address and phone number. The more you know about your leads, the more personalized an experience you can offer.

Web Delivery

If you don’t respond to your lead in less than five minutes after they submit their information, your chance of contacting them decreases 10 times. With streamlined web delivery, leads funnel into your database the moment they click your call-to-action button, so you can call the hottest leads right away. From there, tracking capabilities make lead management a breeze, and nurturing more powerful than it’s ever been.


Get more from your prospects’ phone calls. With CallPath™ software, track exactly where your leads are calling to and from – right down to the department they’re being transferred to within your organization. Then, use dead-simple reporting to optimize your campaigns based on the data.


At LeadPath, we understand every team works differently. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to create workflows customized to your business. Integrate other software you use, manage member permissions, and coordinate every step of the lead nurturing process from capture to close. With all your teams on the same page, you’ll close deals more efficiently than ever before.

Landing Pages

Data shows that companies who build 40 or more landing pages generate 12x more leads than those who don’t. Boost your prospect pool with these persuasive pages designed specifically to convert visitors – and do it with LeadPath’s easy-to-use builder that requires no coding knowledge whatsoever.

Split Testing

Split testing is cited by both experts and beginners as the easiest and most effective way to boost campaign conversion rate. With LeadPath’s dead-simple testing software, you can compare two different versions of your landing page to see which is more effective. Think your headline could be better? Test it. Wondering if you should use a video instead of an image? Test it. The result could be a serious boost in captured leads.